A Future with Hope: Billy’s Story

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This post is another in a series of updates about our efforts to help people whose homes were destroyed by Hurricane Sandy in 2012…

Billy’s home was filled with 6 feet of water.  Everything was destroyed, but they somehow took a strange comfort in knowing that everyone else was going through the same problem.  But he was on his own… he lost his job, and was burdened with an overwhelming list of tasks that had to be done.  He looked for grants eventually discovered “A Future of Hope.”  The project lived up to its name and became this family’s saving grace.  Here is the story of Billy, and how A Future with Hope rebuilt his home, demonstrated love, and showed that someone cares…






A Future With Hope

On October 29, 2012, Hurricane Sandy made landfall in New Jersey. The destruction left by that storm was incredible. The people of the United Methodist Church in our own Greater New Jersey Annual Conference have been working hard to help rebuild lives and homes.Seaville-Sign-New_2037

We recently observed the third anniversary of this devastating storm. Below is a note from Bishop Schol marking this anniversary and what we in the United Methodist Church continue to do to assist our neighbors. Thanks for all that we are doing, in part due to paying of Shared Ministry and other special offerings through A Future With Hope. Note what God has been doing because of us being part of the UM connection. We are much stronger together! Let’s pray how we can continue to be part of this important work.


Pastor Jim

Dear Sisters and Brother in Christ,

Three years ago on October 29, 2012, the catastrophic storm Sandy swept through our region rendering 200,000

GNJAC Bishop John Schol speaking at PUMC on 11/17/13)

GNJAC Bishop John Schol speaking at PUMC on 11/17/13)

people looking for shelter after their homes were severely damaged or destroyed. Today, 10,000 people in NJ have not been able to recover, many of them have not moved back into their homes. It has been a challenging recovery but, United Methodists have been on the ground each step of the way. United Methodists were first responders in the immediate aftermath and we are one of the few remaining organizations still rebuilding homes and lives. We can do this because of a vast global network of United Methodist congregations and disciples who have generously given of their time, talents and treasures. Three years after the storm, through our nonprofit organization, A Future With Hope, we have:

  • Repaired and rebuilt 183 homes. Currently, we are working on 32 more homes.
  • Provided case management for 421 families.
  • Engaged 10,411 volunteers for a quarter of a million hours of volunteer service.
  • Raised $14,324,140 toward our $17,000,000 goal.

We could not have done this without the grace of God, the prayers of the faithful, the donations of the generous, and the time of dedicated volunteers. You have been a future with hope. THANK YOU.

We are committed to at least two more years of recovery ministry. We invite you to spread the news that we still need prayers, volunteers and donations. Keep the faith!

John Schol,


The United Methodist Church

Greater New Jersey Conference

+ + + + + + + + +

To learn more about what our Conference and the United Methodist church is doing to “feed the hungry, clothe the naked, and house the homeless” and to see how PUMC is supporting these efforts, click the below button:

Shared Ministries















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