Covid Safety for Worship

During the coronavirus pandemic which started in the Spring of 2020, we are taking extra precautions to ensure that anyone attending a worship service is safe.  In March of 2020, we suspended our normal 9:30 and 11:00 worship services and moved to a single Live Stream only service at 10:15.  As long as the pandemic is spreading, no congregation will be permitted to attend this service. When conditions permit, we will welcome a limited number of people to attend the service in person.

Refer to the “This Sunday” block in the right hand sidebar to see if there will be an in-person congregation this week.


Socially Distanced Safe Worship…

When conditions permit, here’s  how we’re currently conducting “in person worship” in a way that keeps us all safe…

Usher Volunteers– Each week’s service will require a full team of ushers to perform tasks required by our Safety Plan. Volunteers will be enlisted for each week. If we don’t have a full team in place for any given week, we will not permit any congregation.

Registration- Safety guidelines limit the number of people who can safely occupy a room. Currently, we can permit a maximum of 25 worshipers in the sanctuary (not counting the pastor, technicians, and worship leaders). We don’t want to turn away the “26th” person at the door, so pre-registration is required. The church office will begin accepting registrations starting at noon on the Monday of the week (if the office is closed on Monday, registrations will begin on Tuesday at noon). To register your family, call the church office (856-589-8313) . Registrations will be given on a first come first serve basis.

Before Registering- Before deciding to request any of the limited seats, make sure that you are feeling totally well. If you have any symptoms of a flu or cold, do not attend. Also, if you have a condition which could make infection particularly threatening to yourself, consider staying home.

Coming and Going- In order to keep everyone safe, going to church will be far from “normal.” You will encounter several precautions even before you enter the building:

  • Masks must be worn at all times while in the building. If anyone is not properly wearing a mask during the service, the service will be stopped! Yes, we’re that serious about this…
  • When you arrive in our parking lot, attendants will ensure that there is at least one empty space between cars.
  • Entrance will only be permitted via the “weekday door.”
  • Before entering the building, you’ll be asked to sign two forms. One is to release the church from liability, the other is to affirm your health. You can save time by completing them in advance (see download buttons below).
  • After signing the forms, an usher will immediately direct you to an assigned seat.
  • After the service, you’ll be directed to exit the building.
  • There can be no physical contact or congregating while in the building or in the parking lot.


During the Service- Things will be different during the service too:

  • Music will be part of the service, but it will be sung by the worship team only. Members of the congregation won’t be permitted to sing.
  • The restrooms may only be accessed via the coat closet (narthex). The parlor (and all other parts of the building) will be closed.
  • There won’t be any printed material (bulletins, hymnals, etc).

How to Attend In-Person Worship

If in-person worship is being offered, here are the details on how you can attend. 

Refer to the “This Sunday” block in the right hand sidebar to see if there will be an in-person congregation this week.


To volunteer as an Usher: Usher

To Reserve a Spot: Call the office (589-8313)

The office will accept reservations starting at noon on the Monday of the week to be scheduled. If the office is closed on Monday, registration will begin on Tuesday at noon.

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Release Form: Release Form

Health Form:   Health Form  

These two forms (“Indemnity Release” and “Health Acknowledgement”) must be completed for each Sunday. They will be provided at the door, but you may fill them out in advance and bring them with you if you desire.


Covid-19 Safety Plan for In Person Worship

Bishop Schol has declared our goal that nobody become infected with this virus as part of any United Methodist Activity. We are fully committed to being part of that goal in our own church. The Safety Plan requires us to do things that we would consider absurd just a few short months ago (No singing in church?!? ). We take these precautions not only to keep each other safe, but also to exercise our responsibility to model love to the community. We don’t want to participate in the spreading of this disease, so we are fully on board with all of the guidelines offered by health and government officials.

Below is the document specifying our Safety Plan. Before considering to attend an in-person service, please read this plan and agree to share our commitment to safety.

The Plan is displayed below (and you can Click Here to download it)…



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Live Stream

We have been broadcasting all of our services on our Live Stream page since 2017.  When the pandemic closed our sanctuary, the Live Stream capability became a lifeline which allowed us to continue to worship from home.  Even when we permit a limited and “socially distanced” in person congregation, the Live Stream will continue to be our primary worship connection.


Even if an in-person congregation is permitted, every service will be broadcast over our Live Stream. We will continue to hold only one service, and it will begin at 10:15.

To “join” in worship from home, click this button:  Live Stream     



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