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Our building has recently opened,and we are gradually transitioning our Sunday School classes from “virtual” to “in-person.”  Currently, the Adult class is meeting both online and in-person, but the Kid’s class is only online.   Updates will be posted here as the situation changes.


All are welcome!  


For Adults

Our Potters Hand Sunday School class is held live in the Potter’s Hand Room, AND via Zoom starting at 9:00 AM.  The Zoom link is emailed out to class members prior to the beginning of the class.  If you want to be added to the email list, send a message to    .  Send your name and state that you want to be added to the Potter’s Hand email list.  Enter “Zoom” as the subject of the message.

If you’re using an email client on your computer, you can just click the below button.  Otherwise, just copy/paste the above address.

Potters Hand

  • WHEN:      9:00-9:55 AM
  • WHO:         For adults of any age
  • WHERE:    Potter’s Hand Room (located behind the sanctuary balcony).  You can also participate via Zoom (see above).

For updates on our Adult Sunday School class(es), click this button:    Adults Sunday School  

For Children

Our Christian Education leaders give a 1/2 hour lesson every Sunday morning. It is posted on our Facebook Group (usually on Saturday night), and then copied to our website on Sunday morning (it will appear at approximately 9:45).  Click on the thumbnail shown below to view the lesson (or to see recordings of the previous lessons).  

  • WHEN: 9:45 – 10:10 AM (Every Sunday)
  • WHO: “kids” (of any age…)
  • HOW: Via Facebook (or watch it on this website via the below post).

Click below to see the Kid’s Sunday School…

Sunday School Goes Online! (4/26/20)

For updates on our Children’s Sunday School, click this button: Kids Sunday School


Small groups such as Bible Studies, service teams, and social groups are meeting online throughout the week.   For the purposes of this page, we’re simply defining “Sunday School” as “Small Groups” that happen to meet on Sunday mornings.

For info on how to join a “virtual” Small group, see the below post:

Zoom into a Small Group! (10/5/20)


Someday we’ll be able to use our building and meet in person again.  Open the following “drop down” box to see how things were before the pandemic.

In Person Sunday School

Sunday School… for All Ages!

Knowledge isn’t kid’s stuff… even adults need to learn.  So during our 9:30 AM service, “kids of all ages” have the opportunity to grow in knowledge of the Scriptures and  church tradition, and of the Means of Grace where we grow into a closer relationship with God.


Our church family includes all of God’s children; regardless of their age.  It might be hard for newborns and toddlers to sit through the adult service, but their inclusion in our family is no less important.   In Matthew 19:14,  Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.”  So bring your children!  Our nursery and Sunday School will offer safe, loving, and meaningful alternatives for them.

PUMC is a Safe Sanctuaries Church

Our church adheres to a strict Safe Sanctuary policy.  All caregivers and volunteers are carefully screened and trained in our procedures to prevent abuse in any form.

For details on our policy, click on the image:



During the 9:30 service, the children in the nursery join the 2-3 year old  Sunday school class.




During the 11:00 am service the nursery is available for children ages 0-3.  When you drop off your children you’ll be asked to sign them in and then sign them out after the service.  You’ll also have the option of staying with your children during the service; the worship service is available on closed circuit television and we have plenty of comfortable rocking chairs! 

If you choose to leave your child with us and and a need arises during the service, we will come out and find you in the sanctuary.  Or, you can also leave your cell phone number to receive a text message.  The nursery is always open!  If you bring your child to the worship service but later discover that help is needed, feel free to visit the nursery at any time during the service.


 9:30-  For Kids (Grades”0″ through 5)…         Banner 5th Grade Fishers _IMG_2611

The following classes are offered for the children:

  • 0-Kindergarten (nursery joins with the age 3-Kindergarten Sunday School class)
  • 1 and 2nd Grades
  • 3rd 4th and 5th Grades


 9:30-  For Junior High Youth…

The Junior High class is using a curriculum called BL4Y (Bible Lessons For Youth), which seeks to apply the Bible to real life situations.


 9:30-  For Senior High Youth…

The senior high class is also using the Bible Lessons for Youth curriculum (like  the Junior High youth), but the topics go a bit deeper.  High school students relax on comfy sofas and what seems to be the world’s largest bean bag chair while learning about the Bible through the BL4Y curriculum.  Rob Uyehara and Debbie Kain lead the class in lively early adult, scripture based discussions that cover church finance, same sex relationships, bullying, divorce, domestic violence, child abuse, substance abuse, and other issues facing high school students.

The class also follows the Wesley based curriculum titled, “Thinking Theologically About Money.”  Here the class applies the Wesley Quadrilateral (Bible, Experience, Reason, and Tradition – BERT, for short) to real life issues by playing “The American Game.”  Students receive a “salary” and have to make life decisions with their money.  Problems they have to solve include paying for a new air conditioning system for the church, supporting a youth retreat, taking time of from work to volunteer for Vacation Bible School, supporting a mission trip to La Palmilla, Mexico, and deciding whether to return “found” money to the person who has been bullying that student.

For the latest on our Kid’s Sunday School Program, click this “News” button:



9:30-  For Adults…

Adults need some time in the Word too!  The adult class meets in the Potter’s Hand room (behind the sanctuary).

Potter’s Hand Café is an adult Bible study and Christian sharing small group that takes on any topic.  We read what the Bible states about the subject and then share our thoughts.  We also take a look at commentary from Bible scholars.

Recent discussions have hit on topics such as:

  • Are all sins equal?
  • What’s the difference between “Soul” and “Spirit”?
  • What is the Rapture?
  • Why do I have doubt?
  • Will I know my family in heaven?

Weighty topics, and we don’t have all the answers!  But sharing with other Christians about what we believe or feel about our faith can be of enormous help in developing a closer relationship with our Creator. 

You don’t have to be a Bible wiz to be part of Potter’s Hand Cafe.  You don’t even have to do any talking… just drop in and listen (in between sips of coffee…)!

Join us in the “Cafe” on Sunday morning.  The coffee is hot and the conversation is inspiring!  All are welcome.


For more info on what the Adults are up to, click this “News” button:



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