Sunday School Goes Online! (4/26/20)

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During the pandemic in the Spring of 2020, we weren’t able to meet together (things like “social distancing”, “isolation”, and “stay at home” were the terms of the day). So, we turned to live streaming, Zoom, and Facebook for our worship services and other meetings.  And, our Sunday School also “went virtual!” 

Our virtual classes continue!  They are recorded on Facebook before the service, and then the videos are embedded in this website post.  Each Sunday, before “going” to our worship service (Live Stream), stop by here and check out the morning’s Sunday School lesson.

June 27-

This week’s lesson will appear in this space on Sunday morning

June 20- The Prodigal Son's Father

Scripture:  Luke 15:11-32

June 13- Paul and Barnabas continue through opposition

Scripture:   Acts 14:1-7 

June 6- Paul and Barnabas Offer Jesus' Salvation

Scripture:   Acts 13:13-52

May 30- Paul's first Missionary Trip

Scripture  Acts 13:1-12


May 23- Trusting that God can Transform

Scripture  Acts 9:23-31


May 16- Saul's Transformation

Scripture Acts 9:1-23   

May 9- Lessons from Jesus' Mom

Scripture Luke 1:26-56

May 2- God gives us the Holy Spirit

Scripture- Acts 2:1-41

“Jesus can do Anything!!!”

April 25- Jesus returns to Heaven

Scripture-  Luke 24:36-53   Acts 1:1-11 

“Jesus can do Anything!!!”

April 18- Peter: Jesus Puts Our Wrongs Right

Scripture John 21:1-14 


“Jesus can do Anything!!!”

April 11- Doubts turn into Faith

Scripture: John 10:19-31    

“Jesus can do Anything!!!”

April 4- Faith thru Miracles: Easter Sunday

Scriptures:   Luke 22:66-71   Luke 23:1-25   Luke 23:32-43    

                       Matthew 27:45-56    John 19:31-42    Matthew 27:62-66   

                      Matthew 28:1-15            John 20:11-18 


“Jesus can do Anything!!!”

March 28- Faith thru Miracles: Betrayal- Forgiveness and Healing

Scripture:   Luke 22:1-62


“Jesus can do Anything!!!”

March 21- Faith thru Miracles: Jesus Restores Life to Lazarus

Scripture:   John 11:1-54

“Jesus can do Anything!!!”

March 14- Faith thru Miracles: Jesus heals 10 Lepers

Scripture: Luke 17:11-19

“Jesus can do Anything!!!”

March 7- Faith thru Miracles: Jesus Heals a Blind Man

Scripture: John 9:1-40

“Jesus can do Anything!!!”

Feb 28- Faith thru Miracles: Jesus Provides

Scripture: John 6:1-20

“Jesus can do Anything!!!”

Feb 21- Faith thru Miracles: Safe in the Storms

Scripture: Mark 4:35-41   Matthew 14:22-40         

“Jesus can do Anything!!!”

Feb 14- Faith thru Miracles: Showing Love

Scripture: Mark 5:21-43  

“Jesus can do Anything!!!”

Feb 7- Faith thru Miracles: Faith Heals

Scripture: Matthew 8:5-13   Mark 2:1-12 

“Jesus can do Anything!!!”

Jan 31- Faith thru Miracles: A Touch Heals Leprosy

Scripture:   Luke 5:12-16 

“Jesus can do Anything!!!”

Jan. 24- Faith thru Miracles: Fish for People

Scripture: Luke 5:1-11

“Jesus can do Anything!!!”

Jan. 17- Faith and Miracles: Remote Healing

Scripture: John 4:46-54 

“Jesus can do Anything!!!”

Jan. 10- Faith thru Miracles: Water to Wine

Scripture: John 2:1-11

“Jesus can do Anything!!!”

Jan. 3- Light (Wise Men)

Dec. 27- Light of the World

Scripture: John 1:1-9   Psalm 119:105

Dec. 20- Peace


Loading all of these videos from Facebook and You Tube takes a lot of time! The Online Sunday School started on April 26, 2020.   Older videos have been moved to other pages in order to reduce the time it takes for this page to load. To see the other lessons, click the below button.

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After the Sunday School class, “move into the Sanctuary” to attend our Live Stream worship service.  The broadcast starts at 10:15 AM (and you can also watch recordings of previous services). 
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