Pitman Food Pantry


The Pitman Pantry, located in rear of the First Baptist Church of Pitman, continues as an ecumenical ministry of five local churches to provide food to needy families.

Food is delivered to the elderly or handicapped as needed. Volunteer workers, and donations of food and money help the Pitman Pantry satisfy the requests for food. The Pantry continues to receive food from the USDA; and the Food Bank of South Jersey, which keeps our costs down; but food available from them varies greatly; therefore we still must purchase some basic food, such as tuna, peanut butter, jelly, and cereal.


Pitman Food Pantry

  • Hours of operation

Tuesday       6:00 – 7:00 PM

Wednesday  4:00 – 5:00 PM

Thursday      12:00 – 1:00 PM.

  • Location:  First Baptist Church, Pitman   
  • Address:   30 N. Broadway Pitman NJ 08071
  • Phone:        856- 589-8588 (Answered ONLY during opening hours)


If You Need Help…

If you’re in need of assistance, simply come on over during operating hours (see above).  The pantry is located at the rear of the Baptist Church; enter via the walkway at the back of the parking lot.  You may visit the Pantry once per week.

When you arrive, we will ask for identification and proof of residence.  “Officially,” the Pantry is reserved only for Pitman Residents, but nobody will be turned away!  All personal information will be held in strict confidence.

Visitors will usually be given two bags of non-perishable food (the quantity depending on family size).  One bag contains breakfast/lunch items and the second is geared for dinners.  The bags contain items such as Peanut butter, Jams, cereal, juice, tuna, pasta & sauce, macaroni & cheese, soup, etc.  If needed, “personal care” items such as toothpaste, soap and shampoo, etc are available.  The Pantry is supported by a large base of donors, but the contents of the bags depends on what has been donated that week.

In addition to the perishable items, a “cold bag” is also given.  This bag contains items such as meat (usually a frozen chicken), and it sometimes contains other foods such as cheese, eggs, etc.  When available, fresh fruit is also included.

“Technically”, the Pitman Pantry is open only to Pitman Residents.  BUT—NOBODY WILL BE TURNED AWAY!!! For continual needs, if you’re not a Pitman resident, the pantry can help you to find a pantry in your community.

For more information, visit: http://foodbanksj.org/food-resources


If You Want to Help…

Many volunteer hours are required each week to inventory, shop, stock shelves, pack, and distribute food; and additionally, of course, complete the paperwork required by government agencies.

PUMC volunteers work at the Pantry on odd dated Tuesdays from 5:30 to 7:00 PM.  The volunteers of the Pitman Pantry are grateful to our congregations and to the community for their continued support and for their prayers. Our special thanks to our young people, who work so hard serving others. What a blessing they are!

If you would like to make a donation to the Pantry, please drop by the pantry when we’re open (see above).

 “For as much as you do for the least of these, you do for Me”




Coronavirus Updates

Even in the face of the current pandemic, our hours have NOT changed. 

If you need help,come on over during our hours of operation.  If you want to donate food, you can also come over during our hours of operation.  Other than some “social separation” precautions, we haven’t made any changes to our procedures (as of yet). 

Please check this website page for updates.  If anything changes, it will be posted here.


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  1. Allison Lombardi

    Are you guys in need of reusable bags? I could never use the amount I have, and I read that some food banks might take them..

    • Chuck

      I’m pretty sure that the pantry would love to have them. Let me check (and I’ll post a confirmation here). Thanks for your offer!!!
      – Chuck

    • Chuck

      Yes!!! The pantry could definitely use donations of plastic bags. We use a lot of these bags, but now that the stores are no longer using plastic bags, we are currently relying on donations like this.
      You can drop them off when the Pantry is open (see hours above). During off hours you can place them in the brown donation cabinet that’s near the pantry entrance (at the back corner of the Baptist Church parking lot).
      Thanks again!!!

  2. Ashlin McConnell

    Hi. I am looking for a volunteering opportunity. Would it be possible that I could work at the food pantry on Tuesday night? Thank you!

  3. laurie

    I work at a farm and we have extra produce at the end of the week… we would like to donate it .. please text me at [— number removed to protect privacy —]

    • Chuck

      Laurie- Thank you so much for your offer! The pantry is always in need of food, especially fresh produce! Generally, you can simply drop it off while the pantry is open (see hours above). But I’ll also forward your message to the pantry and they’ll get back to you if they have other instructions.
      Thanks again!!!

  4. Wes Hughes

    Will the food bank accept a monetary donation?

    • Chuck

      Thanks for your interest in helping the food pantry! I’ll forward your information to the Pantry and they’ll get back to you.

    • Chuck

      Here’s a response from the pantry…
      Mr. Hughes (and anyone else interested in making a monetary donation),
      Thank you for your recent inquiry about the Pitman Pantry. We welcome all donations. Checks should be payable to the
      “Pitman Pantry.” You can drop off donations during our operation hours (Tues. 6-7P; Weds. 4-5P; and Thurs. 12-1P.) or mail them c/o The First Baptist Church, 30 N. Broadway, Pitman, N.J. 08071.
      Thanks so much!!!

  5. Wes Hughes

    How can we make a monetary donation to the food bank ?

  6. Chuck

    From the Pitman Food Pantry…
    In the midst of the current crisis, the Pitman Food Pantry is receiving more requests for food each week. However, because of the continual donations, we are still able to need the needs of the community.

    We are so grateful for the donations (both food and money) from PUMC, the friends and family of George Black, and our from our community. Your generosity helps us to provide groceries to increasing numbers of food insecure Pitman area residents each week.
    Thanks so much.

  7. Tracy Jones

    Do you need any volunteers in the food pantry at this time? I was thinking about how many people have been sent home, and might not have money for food. Would love to help in some way. Thanks!

  8. Becky Snodgrass

    I’d like to make a donation. Can you let me know if any of your procedures have changed?

  9. Amy Patterson


    We would like to donate during this outbreak, but we are wondering if your procedures/ needs have changed. Please let us know what would be most useful.

  10. Leslie

    Hello, my 16 year old daughter is looking to volunteer. Can you kindly forward my information to Pitman Pantry?

  11. Hailey


    I am interested in volunteering at the food pantry to fulfill my volunteer hours for school. When could I start?


    • Chuck

      We’ll forward your question to the folks who run the Pitman Food Pantry. Thanks for your interest in helping!

  12. Rachael

    I need to drop off food that was intended to be part of the Boy Scouts food drive. Will you be open prior to 6pm to receive donations?

  13. Christine Ware

    Hello- how can I donate food? I have a large portion (40 lbs) of chicken breast that I would like to donate.

  14. Ieva Zake

    My son Jonah is looking for a volunteering opportunity in preparation for his bar mitzvah. Would it be possible for him to work at the food pantry on Tuesday evenings? Thank you.

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