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Welcome to PUMC online!  We’d love to see you in person, but if you can’t make  it to Pitman, you can view our services online.  We simulcast every Sunday morning service.  See this week’s Worship Service times in the right hand sidebar of our website.

Our Live Stream video window is shown below.  If it says “No stream detected” it just means that we’re not currently broadcasting.  But when we’re not live streaming a service, you can view some past services by clicking on the videos shown under the player.

The camera  only shows the front of the sanctuary.  For a “tour” of our sanctuary, check out our “Sanctuary” page by clicking this button:  Sanctuary Tour  

Welcome to Advent 2017!

As usual, all of our services will be Live Streamed, so come to church here here if you can’t make it to the building…

Here’s our Advent Schedule:                                Schedule  

And, here’s our Daily Advent Devotional:          Devotional  

(these will open in a new browser tab- so you can click the above without interrupting the Live Stream)

And- just for fun- if you scroll  down to the bottom of this page you can vote in our “What’s your favorite part of Christmas at PUMC?” poll!




If you’re seeing an error message saying “Error Loading Player: No playable sources found” and you’re using Firefox, it’s possible that you need to install the Adobe Shockwave Flash player. Sorry. Here’s the link where you can do that:

Before clicking the “Install Now” button, you may want to uncheck the “Optional Offers” boxes. 

We haven’t seen this issue with Chrome, Edge, Internet Explorer, or Safari.


While you’re watching the service, you might be interested in checking out some other stuff on our website.  You can click any of these buttons without interrupting the video…

Welcome to PUMC!
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Just for Fun…

While you’re on the website, you can check out the following poll.  You can cast your vote without interrupting the video. 

Advent Poll

During the Advent Season (until December 25), our “What’s your favorite part of the PUMC Christmas?” poll will run. 

Just click away… totally anonymous (you don’t even have to log in).

What's your favorite part of the Christmas season?

If you can't decide, you can pick up to 3 items...
Check back later to keep an eye on the standings. The poll closes Christmas Day.






On the Go???

If you’re away from home and don’t have access to your computer, you can watch us on your phone too!

Free and easy to install apps for your Android or iOS phone are also available. Here are the basics for installing the app on your phone or tablet:

  1. Open the App Store (or Google Play) and search for the Sunday Streams app.
  2. Install the app.  When it asks for the “Church ID”, enter PUMC
  3. You “should” be good to go.  The app will display a video screen with links to available videos underneath it.  The Live Stream is chosen by default, but if we’re not broadcasting, you can tap one of the other videos.



Sign our Guest Book!

We’ve been getting emails from all over the world from listeners who send their support and prayers.  If you’re not from PUMC, or if you’d like to comment on what you’ve been watching, please “sign our guest book” by entering a comment below.  We’d love to hear from you!

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