Life in the fellowship of Christ involves the love and support of other people who walk beside you and share in the things of Christ.  For many, the fellowship and support of our church family begins at birth or baptism.  For others, the connection begins at a later stage in life.  For all, it continues through the peaks and mountains of our daily journeys.  But the fellowship of a people who believe in the resurrected Christ doesn’t end at death. 

Pitman United Methodist Church provides a Columbarium to serve as a way to maintain fellowship through the memory and honor of a loved one who has gone on to glory.  Each Columbarium niche holds the cremated remains of a loved one.  For the living, this final resting place becomes a sacred space where all can reflect on the gift of a life, to pray, and to grow closer to God as we sense His amazing gift of life and love. 


Creating a Space for Perpetual Fellowship…

The Columbariam at Pitman United Methodist Church is located in our Chapel and symbolizes the union of the church, past, present and future. It has been carefully designed to not only be a beautiful memorial for our loved ones, but to be a place of rest and peaceful reflection for all who seek a quiet place to be in communication with God.

Over 100 large niches are built into our Columbarium. Each niche has the maximum capacity to hold two small urns or containers. The marble front is a beautiful, hand–selected, polished Cherry Blossom Marble and can be engraved with the names and dates of loved ones. Every niche is securely fashioned with an ingenious, locking mechanism and dressed with a detailed cherry moulding.  All niches will have a recessed slot for a decorative vase holder which can be provided by request. A stainless steel vase cup is provided for fresh flowers.

“Whoever believes in the Son has eternal life.”

John 3:36

What’s a Columbarium?

For many centuries, graveyards allowed churches to minister to the spiritual needs of their people from baptism through life to death. The amount of land needed for a graveyard is no longer available to most churches and many laws and regulations make it difficult.

Many churches are offering a modern alternative:a Columbarium.   A Columbarium is a dedicated space within a church designed to provide a permanent resting place for the cremated remains of its people. The word “Columbarium” is from the Latin word “columba” or “nesting place for doves.” The early Christians in Rome used the term “dovecote” to describe the catacombs, where they not only interred the dead,but also sought refuge and worshiped during times of persecution. The dove of peace is a symbol of the Holy Spirit whose presence is associated with the resting place of the faithful departed. 

The Columbarium is a fitting place for the earthly remains of those who have served and loved the Church where they may be remembered by those who pray and meditate in this sacred space.


Obtaining a Space for Perpetual Fellowship…

If you have lost a loved one and are seeking a holy place to hold that person’s remains, and if you want to create a sacred space where you can pray and reflect, consider the church’s Columbarium.   This means of holy fellowship isn’t limited to members of our church; it extends to the entire community.

For more information, contact the church office and request an application packet.  The packet will include a pamphlet and a copy of the Contract for Right to Bury for review. If you decide to proceed, please contact the office for an appointment.  One of our Trustees will be glad to show you the Columbarium and to guide you through the application process.