John & Dasia Abramovich

John and Dasia Abramovich: Poland


John and Dasia Abramovich

John and Dasia Abramovich are missionaries in Cieszyn, Poland.

John Abramovich was born in Harrisburg, Pa. His family moved to Runnemede, N.J. in 1965. For many years, John was active in leading youth and young adult ministries in local churches in the South Jersey area. John also taught a weekly Bible Study for young people and Sunday School for children.

Dasia was born in Wisla, Poland. She taught Sunday School in her local church and did volunteer ministry work among children. In 1990 she became a full time worker with the MED childrens ministry in Poland. Dasia became the director of MED in 1992. John and Daisia were married in 1995.

Since 1998, John and Dasia have been ministering to the youth and children of Poland. In the summer they direct Bible Camps. During the school year, they have Bible Clubs and work with the children and their parents. John continues to preach in local churches and they are involved in outreach programs in surrounding communities.

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  1. Jimm Janco

    I worked with John Abramovich for many years before he was called to his ministry and would like to contact him if I had his email address or he had mine. Please pass this on to him as I;m confident he would appreciate a brief email conversation together. Thank you. Warmest best wishes, James Janco in Selell NJ USA

    • Chuck

      Will do! I’ll pass your information to someone who can make the connection. BTW John and Dasia are scheduled be at PUMC on May 15. Thanks for reaching out!

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