Jim & Alice Vanderhoof


Jim & Alice Vanderhoof

Jim & Alice Vanderhoof

Jim Vanderhoof is from Waverly, New York. He earned his B.S. in Music Education at Houghton College, and an M.A. in Education Ministries at Wheaton College Graduate School in Illinois.

Alice Vanderhoof is from Troy, New York. She earned her B.S. in Bible and Christian Education from Houghton College and her M.A. in Missions from Wheaton College Graduate School.

Jim and Alice have both served as teachers at the Kenya Highlands Bible College; which is a post-secondary level Bible College in Kericho, Kenya. They also assist with the worship ministry at the Immanuel Africa Gospel Church.





Jim & Alice have “retired” from the overseas missions service, but are continuing to serve by training and inspiring new leaders for the missions field.  Their home base is now in New York, but their Parrish is still the World.


Jim and Alice have served the Lord in Kenya with World Gospel Mission for 19 years.  In addition to the theological training provided at Kenya Highlands Bible College and Kaboson Pastors School, World Gospel Missions ministries in Kenya include medical work at Tenwek Hospital; evangelism, discipleship, and church planting through the Africa Gospel Church; Theological Education by Extension; community health and development work in rural areas of Africa; film evangelism; and evangelism to street children in Nairobi.


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