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One of the assets of our church is our building. Before 2003 we had a historic building located in the center of the town. The building was shoehorned into a corner lot, depended on street-side parking with no lot, and had 4 non-acessible floors.

In December 2003 a fire destroyed our historic home. We became “pilgrims,” meeting in a school, a theater, and a converted hardware store. In 2007, our new building at the entry of town was completed. It consists of a Education Wing, Sanctuary, and Fellowship Hall (gym with basketball court). Our building is 100% handicap accessible with ramps and elevators.

We consider it part of our ministry to share our building with outside organizations or private parties whose purpose is consistent with our mission of making disciples for Jesus Christ and sharing His love with the world.


Partnership Ministries….

We were once without a building,  so we are sensitive to other churches and organizations in need of facilities to conduct a ministry that furthers the gospel of Christ.  We have shared our facility with other churches who were in the process of constructing their building.  We continue to offer our facilities to groups such as NAMI or NA who further our purpose of extending God’s love.

If your organization requires a space for its meetings and if you are furthering the cause of Jesus Christ, we want to help…

For information about using our building, refer to our “Building Use Form”:   Building Use Form



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