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God is investing in you!  He’s continually entrusting us with gifts and inviting us to use them to  feed the hungry, visit the lonely, and heal the sick.   We can say “Yes” to God’s invitation!   Below are some of the ways that we can use our financial gifts to invest in the journey of love and worship.


e-Giving (by Credit / Debit Card, or Bank Account)


NOTE:  This button does the same thing as the other “GIVE” buttons that are elsewhere on this website….
When you click the above button you’ll be taken to our secure e-giving page.  The page is provided by a company that we are contracting with in order to implement online payments (you will be leaving our website in order to conduct the transaction).  Follow the instructions on this page.  You can pay with a credit card or a direct withdraw from a savings or checking account.  You can make a one-time donation or schedule recurring donations.    

Please note that a percentage fee is involved with each credit card transaction, and the form gives you the option of adding a fixed percentage to your credit card gift in order to cover this fee. 

HOWEVER- There is no percentage fee when you give with a Bank Account gift.  If it is just as easy for you to give by Bank Account instead of Credit Card, please consider using a Bank Account instead of Credit Card.


If you wish to use e-Giving on your smartphone (and are currently viewing this on a different device), scan in this QR code to go to a “mobile friendly” version of the e-Giving site.  You can then bookmark the site on your phone for future use.  

The “mobile friendly” version contains the same form as above, but it is reformatted for easier use when using a phone.

If you’re viewing this on your phone and want to visit the mobile friendly version immediately (without scanning the QR code), you can tap the below button:

Give  (Uses phone friendly version of form)




Electronic giving is convenient and secure.  But you don’t have to give online; there are other ways to invest in the things that God is doing through PUMC.  If the online route isn’t for you, consider these options…


Mail a Check

“Snail Mail” might sound old fashioned, but it still works!  If you want to invest in the work of PUMC, you can mail a check to our church office. 

  • Make the check out to “Pitman United Methodist Church”
  • If you are a member of PUMC, indicate your “envelop number” in the memo area.
  • If you wish to designate parts (or all of your gift) to a specific fund, enclose a note.
  • Mail it to:  Pitman United Methodist Church  758 N. Broadway, Pitman NJ  08071



Offering Plate

The Sunday morning offering is an act of corporate worship.  Together, we are using our gifts to worship God.  By passing a plate and adding in our envelop (or check or cash), we are joining with those around us to invest in the hope and love which God provides.  If you are able to physically attend our worship service, participating in the offering is perhaps the most meaningful way to give back to God.




Designated Giving

Finances at PUMC are managed by several different funds, and each fund is used for a specific purpose.  You may designate part (or all) of your gifts to a combination of the following funds:

Current Expense –   This is the fund that pays for our day to day expenses.  If you don’t specify any designations, your gift will go to this fund.

Church Maintenance & Development–  This fund is used for capital expenses. 

Mission- Benevolence  PUMC has partnered with the United Methodist Church and with other missionaries.  This fund supports those partnerships.

UMCOR- Benevolence-  Supports the United Methodist Church’s responses to specific global crises.

Note:  On the online giving page, the year # is tacked on to the end of  each fund’s name.


Investing in God’s Work

God is investing in you!  Using a parable (Matthew 25:14-30), Jesus showed His disciples that God gives us talents and resources that we can use to worship God.   God is entrusting us with gifts, and He’s inviting us to join with Him in His plan to restore humanity’s broken relationships. He is inviting us to model His love by feeding the hungry, visiting the lonely, and healing the sick.

God is inviting us to do great things with Him!  Through the resources He has given us (and keeps giving us), we can make a difference.  Through prayer, faith, and generosity, God is using our gifts to improve the lives of people.  Here some examples of the returns that are coming from our investments in God’s work through PUMC:  
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