Pitman Camp Meeting

After a two year absence due to the coronavirus pandemic, the Pitman Camp Meeting is back!  Four services will be held during the month of July.  For details about the 2022 Camp Meeting season, click this button:

2022 Camp Meeting  


The town of Pitman, and the Pitman United Methodist Church, had its roots in the Camp Meeting Tradition which thrived in the Southern New Jersey area in the early 1900’s.

During the summer, the tradition continues (albiet at a much smaller scale), as the various United Methodist Churches in our area host an evening service of music and worship each Sunday at 7:30 PM in the historic William L. (Bud) Moore Auditorium which is located in the center of Pitman’s grove area.


For a Google Map of the area, Click Here.  Parking is available on Broadway (walk under the Pitman Grove arch) or on East Ave.  First Ave. is actually a sidewalk which forms one of the 12 “spokes” around the Pitman Grove area.  The Auditorium is at the center of the spokes.


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Camp Meeting Bell

In the late 1800’s a bell was dedicated to the Pitman Grove Methodist Episcopal Church (which is now the Pitman United Methodist Church).  This bell is now located in the rear of the Auditorium, and is a reminder of our rich heritage.

The Camp Meeting services always open with prayer, but immediately after the prayer the historic bell calls us to worship. 




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For updates and scheduled speakers (in season) on the Camp Meeting, click the below “News” button:




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