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AdventWreath-IMG_3880-150x150Worship is a quiet moment where we free our thoughts from ourselves; the things of the world, the stuff we have to do, our worries, our fears.  Instead, we quiet our minds and hearts and focus on God.

Worship doesn’t have to happen in a church sanctuary.  It can come from a car CD player when you allow a line from an inspirational song touch you.  It can happen when your child shows you the innocent love that can only come from God.  It can happen in the quiet of a moonlit night, or during a sunrise or sunset.  Worship can happen during the quiet moments of prayer.

And- yes- worship surely can happen in a church sanctuary.  Worship services are designed to allow you to clear your mind of worldly things while being surrounded by Godly things.  The stained glass windows, acolytes, robes, and alter paraments remind us that we long to be in God’s holy presence.  In this attitude, we are more able to pray, to hear God’s word, and to apply God’s message for us to our lives.


During the current pandemic, access to our building is severely restricted. But the Church is alive and well and continuing to worship and serve.

View the below post to see how you can enjoy a fulfilling Sabbath even without entering the building.

Start the Sabbath! (Spring 2020)


In Person Worship

In October of 2020, we created a detailed Safety Plan which allow us to invite a small congregation to our worship services.  The number of wirshipers is limited and reservation is required for each week (first come first served).  Strict “social distancing” practices will be followed. 

For details on attending our service in person, view the “Covid Safety for Worship Page”:

Covid Safety for Worship





Before the pandemic, this is what we were doing…


Two Worship Services

On Sundays, we offer two slightly different worship experiences.  Each service features the same scripture, sermon, and theme.  But the style of the music and the presentations differ slightly.

Just to give a very general idea of the differences between our first and second services, here’s a rough comparison:





Led by the Praise Team (guitars, piano, vocalists). Led by choir and organ.  Occasional guitars.

Music Style

“Adult Christian Contemporary” praise choruses with some traditional hymns ”Blended”.  Primarily traditional hymns with some mix of contemporary songs.


Communion (first Sunday of each month). Communion (first Sunday of each month).  When there are baptisms, confirmations, new members, etc. this is generally observed during the 11:00 service but not in the 9:30 service.


Yes. Yes.


Yes!  Just be comfortable and show up.   “Smart Casual” Same as the 9:30 service


About an hour Same  as the 9:30 service


If you can’t make it to PUMC on a Sunday morning, you still have a few opportunities to participate in the worship services… 

First of all, you can watch a Live Stream Simulcast of our worship services.  The Live Stream page also lets you view archived services when we’re not broadcasting. 

Live Stream

You can also listen to audio recordings of selected sermons.   The writeups in these posts include the scripture references and other information. 

Sermon Archive

Video DVD recordings of the services are also available (check with the church office).

To learn more about what worship experiences are currently being offered, click the News button below…




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