Milestones (Weddings, etc.)

Weddings, Baptisms, and Funerals…

One of the most important advantages of walking life’s journey in the way of Christ is the support and fellowship of a church family.  During highs and lows of life, Christ is with you.  You can’t get away from His presence.

God demonstrates His love through His people.  He is present not only in the church (building), but He is present among the church (the people).  Because of that, the people of our church want to be present with you in life’s mountains and valleys.


As United Methodists, we believe that God ordained marriage.  The wedding ceremony is a public celebration marking the commitment between a man and woman.  A wedding proclaims the relationship’s dependence on God in all of life’s turns and it allows friends and family to join in the commitment and support of the relationship.

If you want to hold  a wedding in our sanctuary, contact the pastor.

For further information, read our Wedding Pamphlet.



In the United Methodist Church we believe that God’s prevenient Grace is available to all people.  This gift of God “Goes Before” us and gives us opportunities to grow towards God.  Prevenient Grace is at work around us even when we don’t realize it.  Baptism is a public recognition of God’s saving grace at work in sinful people.  It’s a once in a life time experience.  Since God’s grace is always present, you can only be baptized once. 

God’s prevenient grace is  available to people of all ages.  Jesus said, “Let the children come to me.  Do not hinder them for to such belongs the kingdom of God.”  We therefore believe that infant baptism is an appropriate recognition of God’s grace and of the church’s responsibility in being God’s servant of that grace.  In a baptism, the church and family profess their commitment to the spiritual well-being of the person being baptized.




Death is part of life, and frequently it is  God’s ultimate form of healing.  And yet, human separation is difficult.  Jesus cried when his friend Lazarus died.   We believe that the soul exists forever, but that there is a death which results in eternal separation from God.   We believe that people who have admitted their sinfulness and who have placed their faith in the sacrificial death of Jesus Christ will never be separated from God.

If you have recently lost a loved one, our church wants to help you in this period of grief.  We want to join with you in your celebration of your loved one’s life and in the worship of God’s amazing saving grace.


For information on other events, visit This Page and download our Building Use Form.

For information on how our church can serve you during these “Milestone” moments, contact Pastor Jim (email:




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