Small Groups

“Small Groups” in a United Methodist church is a Big thing!  John Wesley didn’t have the idea of creating a new denomination of the Christian Church.  Instead, he traveled throughout England to create “societies” within existing communities .  The “societies” were groups of Christians meeting together to study the Bible, encourage one another, to hold each other accountable.  His goal was to “spur one  another on toward love and good deeds” (as it says in Hebrews 10:24-25

The groups were so focused that people derided them by calling them “Methodists” for the way they adhered to their practices. Wesley’s “societies” eventually grew into what we know know as the “United Methodist Church.” 

But the “societies”- groups of Christians meeting together to “spur one another on”- continues to be the backbone of the United Methodist Church.  Instead of the word “societies”, we now use the term “Small Groups.”  “Small Groups” are groups of Christians (usually led by Lay people), who share the common goal of “working out their salvation…” (Philippians 2:12).  The Christian life is a path of growth, and the path can’t be walked alone.  We need eachother.


During the Covid-19 pandemic, most of our Small Groups are meeting online. For more information, view this post:

Zoom Into a Small Group


What’s a Small Group?

Small groups can take on different forms.  Sometimes they’re made up of people from the same “demographics” (Youth, Women, or Men).  Sometimes they share common interests or struggles (grief, knitting, or music).  Other times, nothing ties them together beyond their desire to grow deeper into the Knowledge and Grace of Jesus Christ.

Some groups are created for a season and then disperse.  Several years ago we had a small group who spent the Fall traveling to various restaurants in Philadelphia to enjoy a variety of food while studying the Bible.  Other groups have met in a local wood shop while building items for our “Christmas Marketplace” craft sale.

Some of PUMC’s Small Groups are currently organized around seasonal “semesters” which meet for a specified period.  But there are many other groups which continue indefinitely.  Most of these groups are connected to a particular ministry.  In fact, ANY ministry team in our church is considered to be a “Small Group.”  They may be gathering for a specific ministry objective, but the bottom line goal of ANY activity in our church is to “create a climate where Spiritual Growth can occur.”  Even if we’re on a team that’s performing an organizational task like developing a budget or planning the repair of an air conditioner unit, our goal is to “spur one another on” and to grow closer to Christ.  Even while rehearsing the music which will energize our worship experiences, our choirs and  support, encourage, and challenge one another in each person’s growth.  While knitting caps which will be given to cancer patients, our “thread and yarn ministry” members discuss the Bible and help each other. 


How Can I Be Part of This???

Everyone is welcome to “join” a small group.  In fact, the real benefits of being in connection with a church can’t be realized unless you develop relationships with others in the church.  The Small Group is the key tool for unlocking the power of the church.  Within a small group, your knowledge of Christ will grow and you’ll be able to share in the spreading of God’s grace by reaching out to others. 

Browse this website for information about ongoing ministry teams, Bible Studies, and Sunday School classes.  Be on the lookout for opportunities to contribute your time, talents, or even your unwanted “junque.”  Be ready for announcements about new Small Groups which are forming.

Above all, know that God welcomes everyone into a relationship with Himself.  In the same way, PUMC welcomes everyone into our “climates where spiritual growth occurs.” 




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For updates on our Small Groups, click this “News” button:    Small Group News