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Not only does the Church proclaim the good news of salvation through Jesus Christ, the Church also brings the good news of hope, peace, and love to a struggling community. One of the ways that Pitman United Methodist Church reaches out to the community is through the outside groups that we host.  Many resources and “programs” are in place to help people struggling with difficulties such as addiction, grief, and mental illness.  Our role at PUMC is to help deliver these services to our community by providing meeting space.  We don’t organize, plan, or in any way control these group’s programs, but we support them with our prayers and our building.

On this page is a summary of the support groups which meet in our building.

Personal Healing…

Life tends to throw us a lot of curves.  Problems such as addictions, death of loved ones, violence, or illnesses may hit us at any time.  When this happens, connecting with people who are traveling the same valleys can be very helpful.  Here are some of the support groups that meet at PUMC…

Narcotics Anonymous

Smile Today is a weekly meeting for those who are in a day to day struggle to be free from addictions.

God wants us to be whole, healthy, and free of  addictions that grip our lives and prevent us from hearing, obeying, and serving Him.  At Pitman United Methodist Church, we  believe that all people have immense worth and  were created for God’s  glory.  After all, Christ died for all of us.  By supporting NA, we are furthering our mission of glorifying God.

Here’s an excerpt from the NA website…

Narcotics Anonymous is a nonprofit Fellowship or society of men and women for whom drugs had become a major problem. We are recovering addicts who meet regularly to help each other stay clean.
–Narcotics Anonymous Basic Text, page 9.

Narcotics Anonymous is an international, community-based association of recovering drug addicts with over 61,000 weekly meetings in over 131 countries worldwide. Narcotics Anonymous is FREEDOM from active addiction Recovery from addiction is possible and available through the 12 Steps and 12 Traditions of Narcotics Anonymous.

There are no membership fees or dues. People who are looking for help with addiction in any way are welcome to just walk right in (the meetings are held in our Fellowship Hall). Even if there are loved ones just looking for support, they are welcome!

Smile Today


H.O.P.E (Helping Other People to Evolve), is a support group for recent widows or widowers.   How the word “recent” is defined depends on the individual.  When your husband or wife dies, the road to “recovery” is a long journey which varies from person to person.   Even the notion of what constitutes “recovery” depends on each person.

The H.O.P.E meetings are organized around four sets of  ten-week sessions.  There is a session for each season of the year (and there is break between sessions).  You can join at any time (at the beginning of a session or during a session).  You can attend an entire ten week session or part of a session, and then continue on to the next session after the ten weeks.  Each meeting deals with a specific topic and is led by several facilitators (who are also traveling along the grieving process).  The meetings generally last about 90 minutes.

If you’re interested, just show up!  Walk-ins are welcome.  Or, you can call (see below) to register in advance. 



Newpoint Behavioral Health…

Newpoint Behavioral Health Center helps residents with mental illness to live and prosper in the community.  They provide a spectrum of quality services to maximize individual potential through education and empowerment. 

We generally meet twice a week.  Sometimes we meet for a light breakfast and support group. Other times, we’ll present movies, guest speakers, art activities, yoga, and shared discussions.  

Newpoint is part of the Acenda Intregrated Health group (which also manages Robins Nest, a youth care organization with long ties to the Pitman area).  Acenda’s headquarters is at the Robin’s Nest site on South Delsea Drive in Glassboro.  



  • Meeting Days:    Generally, Mondays & Fridays
  • Meeting Time:   10 AM (Monday), 1 PM (Friday)  
  • Website:              Newpoint Behavioral Health 

Parenting / Caregiving…

Our own lives sometimes take us into rough times, but we’re also surrounded by loved ones who need our help.  We need care ourselves, but we are also called upon to be caregivers.  We may be called to the normal challenges as a parent.  Other times our caregiving role is complicated when the people we’re caring for are going through their own difficulties.  How can we help them?  These groups support us as we give our best to care for those we love.

National Alliance on Mental Illness…

NAMI of Gloucester County provides support, education, and advocacy for adults (and their loved ones) who struggling with mental illness (NAMI would also fit under the “Personal Healing” category…).  Trained facilitators lead a monthly Support Group in our church.  During these meetings, participants learn that we are not alone, we are not to blame, and that we have power to deal with these illnesses.   We can improve our loved one’s life as well as our own. These support meetings provide a caring, understanding atmosphere in which anger, pain, denial, and disappointment can be channeled into constructive action.

NAMI of Gloucester County is a local affiliate of National Alliance on Mental Illness.  In addition to the support groups, our local chapter sponsors social, educational, and fund raising events.  To learn more, view their Brochure.  You may also contact NAMI to be placed on the mailing list for their e-Newsletters. 

All of NAMI’s services are offered free of charge, and walk-ins to our meetings are welcome.  Contact us if you need assistance in selecting the help that’s most appropriate for your needs.


To see what’s currently happening, check out NAMI’s Facebook page by opening the below drop down box…

NAMI Facebook Page

Parents, Inc.  (formerly Parents Anonymous)

Parenting and nurturing our children is probably the most important thing any of us will do during our lifetimes.  But parenting involves all sorts of twist and turns and roadblocks.  And, the job didn’t come with an instruction manual.

Sometimes we need help!  Parents, Inc. is an organization that provides support on many levels. 

One of their activities is the Support Group which meets in our church every week.  Through this open atmosphere of sharing, parents care and support each other and explore different “parenting strategies” to meet their day to day needs.  Childcare is available, and they also serve a light meal.

Pre-registration to the support group isn’t necessary; walk-ins are welcome.  Occasionally, they do hold special events instead of the meeting.  So if you are new to the group, contact the Family Support Office to confirm the meeting schedule (call 856-507-9400 and ask for Barbara or Curry).

If you’re unable to attend in person, you can join with the online group instead!  This group follows the same principles as the face to face support group, and it’s facilitated by a trained volunteer.  The online chat sessions begin on Tuesdays at 8:00 PM and on Thursdays at 10:00 AM.  The sessions usually last about 2 hours.  For more information, or to enter the online group, click this button:  Online Support Group     


Parents, Inc. (Parents Anonymous)

  • Meeting Days:   Thursdays
  • Meeting Time:   6:00 PM
  • Contact:              856-507-9400
  • Website:            Parents Inc.

Support Hotline:   1-800-The-Kids

Parents of Preemies…

Parenting has a lot of unique challenges.  One of these especially difficult challenges hits us when our babies are born premature.  

Parent’s of Preemies is a community support group which focuses on the special needs of being a mom or dad of a prematurely born baby.

Parents of Preemies

  • Meeting Days:   2nd Thursday of each Month
  • Meeting Time:   6:00 PM

For directions to Pitman United Methodist Church, click this button: Directions   

Many of our meetings are held in the upper level of the Educational Wing.  Enter the church via the main doors from the parking lot, then turn left to head upstairs (an elevator is at the foot of the steps).   Locations are subject to change, so check with each group for actual room locations.    



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