UM Women

United Methodist Women

United Methodist Women is a worldwide missions organization with nearly 1 million members. UMW missions generally benefit women and children, around the world and around the corner. Nearly every United Methodist Church around the world has an organized unit of UMW.

In Pitman, our unit is broken into small groups called Circles. Our Circles generally meet once each month and are scheduled at various times of the day to accommodate different schedules and needs. We also have general meetings which include great fellowship and hands-on missions. Our members range from twentysomethings to centenarians; we have first time moms and experienced grandmoms, working women and stay-at-home moms, in short, there’s a place for every woman! At Circles we engage in Bible study, support each other through prayer and praise, and learn about the vast ways UMW missions help change the world.

Our missions are as varied as providing health care to women and girls in India to microcredit loans to women in Asia. We support peace camps for children in the Middle East and fresh water to women in Africa. We help girls go to school in Haiti and provide lunches to children in Camden. If there is a need, United Methodist Women are there tohelp meet it and empower women and children to become whole persons in Jesus Christ.

Join us and learn why we say, “United Methodist Women – we make a difference!” For more information, contact Staci Scheetz at

As with so much in life these days, our schedules are constantly transitioning between “normal” and “pandemic” as the state of the virus ebbs and flows. Currently, three circles (small group Bible Studies) are meeting on a regular basis. Some are meeting in homes, some online, some in the church.

To be part of one of these circles, contact Staci Sheetz ( for meeting details.   All women are welcome!!!

These are the circles that are currently meeting:

  • Mary:      3rd Monday, 7 PM (meeting in member’s homes)
  • Hannah:  Ongoing schedule TBD
  • Deborah: Ongoing Schedule TBD



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