Men’s Fellowship Looks at Challenges and Joys (12/13/14)

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The Men’s Fellowship group met on Saturday 12/13.  It was one of our early morning meetings that gave us the chance to start off a new day by looking into God’s Word.  Our guest speaker was Gino Curcuruto, and we looked at Luke 10:1-2, 17-22.

Because of our relationship with Christ, we should want to “hang out” with those who don’t know Him  We should want to build relationships and allow the love and hope that we have as redeemed people of peace (see Luke 10:6) ooze out and be shared by those who may not have met Christ.  We don’t “make disciples” by twisting arms or “churchy talk”; we just need to be ourselves and share love, share how this God makes a difference in our lives.  Be real!  God is calling us to be in relationship; to give a sense of belonging to people.

Being in relationship with God is an awesome Joy!

We are surrounded by challenges.  Life is difficult (think health, finances, parking at the mall).  Life in grace is also perplexing and overwhelming (think, how can God love me when I just yelled at my wife?).  But Romans 8:28 AND 29 show us that God uses these challenges for the only thing that really matters in life- knowing God and growing closer to Him (“being conformed into the image of Christ.”).  We don’t measure joy by the things we’ve accomplished in life.  Joy is based on our relationship with Christ; that “our names are written in heaven” (see Luke 10:20).

As we look back to the past year we can see the challenges and difficulties we faced.  But as we look forward into the new year, let us anticipate the joy of growing into Christ and walking with a God who not only forgives us, but who loves us and even wants to “hang out” with us (even on a Saturday morning at 7:30 AM).

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  1. Chris Valianti

    Thanks for posting this. Really appreciate your dedication and insight to the group.

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