The Steurys in Zambia (10/31/21)

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Rev. Nate Steury is one of the missionaries our church as supported over the years.  Nate and Elinda are currently working in Zambia.  They are continuing the work of Ken and Lorraine Enright (familiar names to PUMC).  The Enrights founded the Kafakumba Pastor’s School many years ago, and we’ve continued to support that mission.

Nate will be in our church on Sunday Oct. 31!  He will give the sermon during our service, sharing what God is doing through them in Zambia.


On October 31st, PUMC will have the privilege of  welcoming  missionary Rev. Nate Steury.  Rev. Steury’s schedule rarely allows him to come to N.J.,  so we may not have the opportunity to meet him again for a long time.
If the name Nate Steury isn’t familiar to you, you probably recognize his wife’s maiden name:  Enright.  After serving several United Methodist churches in Florida, Nate and his wife Elinda Enright Steury followed Ken and Larraine Enright to Africa.
Ken and Larraine Enright founded the Kafakumba Pastor’s School in Zambia.  With their son John and his wife, Kendra, the family began their mission work in what was then known as Belgium Congo, where they started the first pastor’s school. In 1991 war drove the Enright’s out of Congo, and they relocated in Zambia, where they purchased 80 acres of land. In what they describe as a miracle, that once barren land is now the site of the Kafakumba Pastor’s School and Training Center.  Buildings were constructed using local materials. Today, the Enrights’ initial efforts have blossomed into a United Methodist Church, dormitories, guest houses, classrooms, an auditorium, cafeteria, computer lab, an elementary school, and a retirement home.
There have been many changes at Kafakumba.  Ken, Larraine, and John Enright have gone on to Glory. Nate and Elinda returned to Zambia in 2013, and are working with John’s widow, Kendra, and her sons, Brian and Nathan to assure that the Enright legacy at Kafakumba keeps growing and thriving. Grandchildren are now the fourth generation of Enrights there.   God is constantly at work at Kafakumba. The Enrights and Steurys  feel that they are not waiting for God; but rushing to keep up with Him.  Here are some of the ways in which the Lord is at work:
  • All endeavors  at Kafakumba employ Zambians, which is not only a source of income for them; but is an opportunity to nurture them spiritually, and build a sense of community.
  • COVID has created havoc in Zambia. They have recently received some vaccine; but healthcare is not effective for those who become sick. A new medical clinic is waiting for government approval to open. This will be a huge blessing for this area that has limited access to healthcare.
  • The weather has been pleasant in Zambia, allowing them to meet outside for church and for classes.  Pastor’s School had to be cancelled this year because of COVID. A discipleship training program, “Journey of Transformation” has started for the youth, and the Elementary School teachers.
  • The Kafakumba Christian Elementary School also has been closed because of COVID; but they are still providing lunch to the children who need nutritious food. The school’s  teachers are also tutoring children on a one-to-one.basis.
  • Bee Sweet Honey:  Local farmers are taught to be beekeepers. Twice a year they harvest the honey, and sell it as a source of income. Bee Sweet Honey will soon be available in the US.  Stay tuned.
  • Acacia Estates Retirement Living:  is accepting residents.  A beautiful facility in a beautiful environment.
  • Making a difference with well drilling and well repair.  Potable water is life. Communities are overwhelmed when a new well brings fresh water to them.
 PUMC has helped to support the Enright/Steury families  for many years, and they thank you for being a partner in their work in Zambia.
Please plan to greet Nate Steury on October 31st.  You will be Blessed.
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