Virtual Vacation Bible School to Discover Real Treasure! (6/28/21)

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We’re going on a Treasure Hunt!  No, it’s not for buried silver or gold or some chest of jewels that a pirate stashed away.  We’re not using a cryptic map marked with paces from a rock or tree.  The map is the Bible.  Our guide is the Holy Spirit.  As we search, we’ll discover that the real thing of value isn’t what we own; it’s what we are!  The treasure we’re going to find is the knowledge that God treasures Us! 

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Discovering You’re Treasure!

Nope.  That heading isn’t using the wrong “You’re / Your.”  The discovery isn’t to find treasure that can be YOURs;  the discovery is to learn that YOU’RE treasure to God. The real treasure isn’t in what we own or in what we can do.  The real treasure is in knowing that God treasures us regardless of what we’ve done. 

You’re God’s treasure!

God values each of us enough to die for us; and even that only scratches the surface. Take a look at what Jesus said in Luke 15

  • God loves us so much that He leaves 99 sheep to find the one that’s lost. 
  • He loves us so much that He searches and searches for one lost coin (part of a bride’s wedding ring, back in Jesus’ time). 
  • God loves us so much that He forgives His wayward children and waits for them to return.

God treasures His children.  Isn’t that a truth worth searching for?



Join the Adventure!

Here are the details on how you can experience this year’s Vacation Bible School…

DATES:     Mon. 6/28 thru Fri. 7/2

TIME:        2:00 – 3:00 PM (EDT)

WHERE:  On our Live Stream!  

WHO:       Anyone

COST:      No way!

REGISTRATION:  Strongly recommended.  See the above button


 Curriculum          Live Stream  


Searching for God’s treasure… and then discovering that His treasure is YOU is going to be an exciting adventure!  Using a bit of imagination, some great props, and a lot of great music, we’ll explore ancient caves, hidden ruins, and thick jungles. 

Check out this “trailer” video to whet your appetite…


How Does a Virtual VBS Work???

Under “Normal” conditions, we would all gather together at our church building.  We’d start our time together in the sanctuary, break into age-specific groups, and then return to the sanctuary for a wrap up (and more music).  We all eagerly wait for things to return to “normal”, but we’re still bearing the weight of “Coronavirus” and “Covid-19.”

Last year, we met “virtually” using our church’s Live Stream.  This year we’ll follow the same precautions.  At the beginning of each session (see times above), we will broadcast the daily lesson from our sanctuary.  It will be a fun time of music and  stories, and it will wrap up with some cool experiments and “God Sightings.”  If you register, you’ll receive a “Fun Pack” which will guide you through the adventure before or after our “broadcast.”  The Packs will be delivered to your home (IF you register).

          Live Stream         


Here’s what we did last year.  Click on this “thumbnail” (then use your browser’s “back” button to return to this page):


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