Rev. Jim Bolton Appointed as New PUMC Pastor

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In the United Methodist Church, pastors are appointed for a year at a time.  Appointments are decided by the Bishop of the conference (in our case, Bishop John Schol, of the Greater New Jersey Annual Conference).  The bishop works closely with his “cabinet.” to match the gifts and abilities of a pastor to the needs of each local church. The bishop’s cabinet is made up of the District Superintendents.  These superintendents oversee the churches in each of the conference’s nine districts and they provide first hand input into the appointment process for the churches in their district.  We are part of the Delaware Bay District, and our superintendent is Rev. Richard Nichols.

Usually pastors are re-appointed to the same church.  Senior pastors usually stay at the same church for somewhere around 5 or 10 years while the tenure of associate pastors is generally several years shorter.  However,  appointments are made on a year by year basis and are always re-accessed.

New appointments throughout the conference take effect on July 1. 

The Glad News…

Judy & Pastor Jim Bolton

Judy & Pastor Jim Bolton

On Sunday April 6 it was announced that Rev. James Bolton (“Pastor Jim”) will become our Senior pastor effective July 1.   For the past 15 years, Pastor Jim has served as the pastor of the Franklinville United Methodist Church.  Under his leadership, the church has grown both in the size of its congregation and in its vitality of ministry in its community.

Jim is from South Jersey (is a Phillies fan), and holds a Doctorate in Divinity.  He has served on various committees at the District and Conference  levels, and pastored three other churches before being appointed to Franklinville. 

Jim and his wife Judy have 2 daughters (Lindsey and Rebecca).  We welcome the Boltons to Pitman and look forward to serving our Lord under his leadership.  We pray for Pastor Jim, Judy, and their family during this transition.  We also lift up the people of the Franklinville United Methodist Church as we both undergo a change in leadership.


 The Sad News…

On March 9 it was announced that our Associate Pastor, Rev. Kee Young-Yang will be appointed as the Senior Pastor of the  St. Paul’s United Methodist Church in Bay Head NJ.   Pastor Kee has led our Youth Groups with boundless imagination and energy during his time in Pitman, and he will be greatly missed.  He was ordained a full elder during last year’s Annual Conference in Wildwood, and we join with our friends in Bay Head to thank God for the great things that He will do in that church through Pastor Kee.

And on April 13 it was announced that our current Senior Pastor, the Rev. Larry Potts will be appointed to the Franklinville United Methodist Church;  our two churches are exchanging pastors.  Pastor Larry has been our pastor for the past 6 years.  His passion and love for serving the Lord has been an inspiration for our church; with him we have been led to look at the works of God and just say “Wow!”and marvel at God’s amazing grace.   His faith and caring overflows into the lives of others and has drawn us into a deeper relationship with God.  Parting will be an emotional and difficult time.

Pastor Larry, Pastor Kee, and Pastor Jim will all begin their new appointments on July 1.


Along with many other churches in our Conference, we are entering a difficult time of transition.  In three short months we will say goodbye to to our friends and spiritual leaders.  But as we celebrate the ministries of Pastors Larry and Kee, we look forward to welcoming the Boltons to Pitman and serving with our new pastor. 

Change is difficult, but God never changes.

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