Tuesday Night Studies

Tuesday Night (and morning) Series…

Tuesday is a special time for study and fellowship at Pitman United Methodist Church.  Several studies are held throughout the day, followed by a dinner, which is then followed by several small group studies.  Here’s the general line up for our Tuesday series:

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9:30 AM- “Community Bible Study”

Pastor Jim leads a Bible study at 9:30AM in the Potter’s Hand room.  Most of the folks who show up at that time of the day are women (it used to be called the “Women’s Community Bible Study”), but ANYONE is invited! This study digs deeper into the themes that Pastor Jim is presenting in the Sunday sermons.  Tuesday’s small group setting and its honest “where the rubber meets the road” discussions enhance the sermons and allow you to more fully apply them in your real-world lives.

And… when  you hang out with Pastor Jim for an hour or so, you’ll never know how you’ll be blessed!

Bring your Bibles!  The hour involves open discussion and ends with a time of prayer. 9:30 – 10:30 AM.


The Tuesday Dinners are currently suspended for the remainder of the ’16-’17 season. 

However, stay tuned for special events that will include fellowship dinners…


6:00 PM- Dinner!!!

At 6PM we gather in the Fellowship Hall for a catered dinner.  Beverages and the main meal are included, but we all have the opportunity to share our favorite desert dishes.  The meal costs $8.00 each (free hot dogs for young children). 6:00-7:00PM  

After dinner, all sorts of studies happen. Each of these groups meet from 7:00-8:00PM…


Good News Club

Jim & Barbara Schreffler lead youngsters from grades K-5  in a study  of the Bible.  The topics planned for this year are “God Speaks to Me”, and then “Jesus, God of Power.”   The Good News Club meets in the upper floor of the Education wing.


Junior and Senior High Bible Study

This study is open to both Junior and Senior High youth (grades 6-12), and it meets in the upper level of the Education wing.  This year, we’re going to focus on the parables of Jesus. Join us as we study the twelve greatest stories ever told and find our secret thoughts exposed in the healing light of Jesus.


Adult Bible Study (Potter’s Hand Room)

For the “post-dinner” crowd in the evening, Pastor Jim leads a study on the same themes discussed during the 9:30 AM study (see above).  Bring your Bibles & questions, and get fresh insight into Sunday’s sermons.  This is also an open teaching/discussion format, and is held in the Potter’s Hand Room (balcony level, behind the sanctuary)


Adult Bible Study “Endurance” (Theater Room)

This small group has chosen a name for themselves- “Endurance.”  Endurance meets on Tuesday nights at 7:00 P.M. at the church in the Theater Room on the second floor of the Education Wing. Our membership is open to any adult who desires to engage in meaningful Bible study, group discussions, and prayer. Some of our past studies include the Bible Books of James, Matthew, and Acts, and Adam Hamilton’s “The Way,” Philp Yancey’s “What’s So Amazing About Grace,” and Richard Stearns’ “The Whole In Our Gospel.”


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