When you hear the word “usher’ you probably picture somebody holding a flashlight directing you to your seat in a darkened movie theater.  In the context of a church service, the first thing that likely comes to mind is of someone handing you an offering plate. 

But at PUMC, the word “usher” goes much deeper.  “Ushers” are there for YOU.  Especially if you’re visiting for the first time, our ushering team is there to make you feel welcome and at home.  Yes, they’ll pass out the offering plates during the service, but our ushers and hosts will great you at the door, direct you to the nursery or sanctuary.  They’ll even show you where the restrooms are!

Ushers During the Covid-19 Era

The coronavirus has turned our lives upside down, and it has also drastically changed the way we worship on Sundays.  

All of our services are presented on our Live Stream.  But if you prefer to join in the worship service in person (when in person services are available), your safety against this horrible pandemic will be primary.  Our goal is in harmony with Bishop Schol’s statement that “nobody become sick because of any United Methodist Activity.”

To that end, our “ushers” are taking on a lot of new roles.  In fact, to call them “ushers” is a mis-nomer.  They’ll still strive to make you at home, welcomed,  and comfortable, but during this time they are also tasked with keeping everyone safe from receiving and spreading this coronavirus.  We have formulated a detailed safety plan (in accordance with Health guidelines, local requirements, and also by the standards devised by the Greater NJ Annual Conference).

Our ushers will be charged with implementing this safety plan whenever there is a congregation in our sanctuary.  Our safety plan requires the following eight roles: 

1.  Head Usher-     Oversee all volunteers, fix any problems

2.  Parking Lot Attendant Before Service-    Start at 9:50 till 10:20, Keep a open space between parked cars

3.  Parking Lot Attendant After Service-   Keep people social distancing and do not allow to congregate.

4.  Greeter-    

5.  Social Distance Monitor, Narthex Before Service-     Make sure people don’t gather to talk in the narthex, move them in to the sanctuary.

6.  Social Distance Monitor: Narthex After Service-      Keep people from gathering and talking after the service, move them out to their cars.

7.  Social Distance Monitor: Sanctuary-   Keep people from gathering and talking too close together and space out seating.

8.  Mask Compliance-   Make sure everyone that entering and leaving the building is wearing their mask correctly.

If you wish to attend an in-person service, PLEASE consider doing your part and volunteering to be part of the ushering team. To volunteer, contact the Church Office.  


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