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This is the latest in a series of “just for fun” quizzes.  How’s your knowledge of the Bible, the Church, or of Christianity? Try the quiz, test your knowledge, and come back later to try the next quiz.  You can take the quiz as many times as you want.


Welcome to our “Every Once in a While” quiz!

Read the instructions, and then answer each question (click the “Next” button after each question). When the quiz is finished, you’ll see the results.

The settings for each quiz is different.  Sometimes you’ll be able to see the answer right after making your selection, sometimes not.  And, the questions may change each time you take the quiz. Some quizzes use “pool questions” that will be randomly selected on each attempt, others simply re-shuffle the same questions.

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While Taking the Quiz…

  • To answer a question, click the “toggle switch” (or photo) that’s next to the correct answer. When selected, the “toggle switch” will point to the right.
  • Sometimes, the correct answer will be immediately highlighted (and an explanation will appear).  Read the explanation before moving to the next question.
  • To move to the next question, click the “Next” button after you’ve selected your answer.



  • Some of these quizzes are timed!  If you see a timer countdown number on your screen, complete the quiz before it reaches 0. Otherwise the quiz will be automatically submitted “as is.”


After Taking the Quiz…

  • When you Finish the quiz, your score will be shown on the top of the page. 
  • You can then scroll through each question to review the right answers and explanations.
  • The right answer will be enclosed by a Green Box If you selected a wrong answer, it will be enclosed by a Red Box.

Give it Another Shot!

The quiz will look different each time you try it.  The questions on most of the quizzes are randomly chosen from of a larger poll of questions (on the same topic).  So, each time you try the quiz, you’ll see some different questions.  Keep trying and watch your score improve.



Here we go…

Read the following quiz introduction, then click the button that’s under this white box to get started with the first question.  The correct answer and explanation will be revealed beneath the question after you select/enter your answer (you might have to scroll down a few clicks to see it).   Good luck!

Christmas Symbols

Christmas is surrounded by symbols- do you know what they mean? For each of the following, click the picture or name of the symbol that’s being described.

(Quiz #190)

Click the  button to get started…


Got em all!!!


Sorry; you missed at least one of them.  Give it another try.



#1. If you spelled out “Jesus” in Greek, which symbol would remind you of the beginning letters?

The letters that look like “IHS” remind us of “Jesus” when written in Greek:  IHΣΟΥΣ


#2. Chi and Rho are the first two Greek letters in the word “Christ.” Which Christmon reminds us of this?

The “X” is like the Greek letter “Chi” (Ch-), and the thing that looks like a “P” is the Greek letter Rho (r-).  Put them together and you have a reminder of “CHRist”.


#3. Which of the following does NOT symbolize the Trinity?

Many Christmons remind us of the Trinity, but the dove is used to remind us of the Holy Spirit.


#4. Which Christmon reminds us that Christ is “from everlasting to everlasting”?

The Greek letters Alpha and Omega begin and end the Greek alphabet.  These letters remind us that Jesus was at the Creation and that He will be with us throughout eternity.


#5. Which Christmon reminds us of Baptism?

True, it’s a shell- but notice the drops of water that are falling down from it.


While taking the quiz, click the above  button to advance to the next question…

When you’re finished, click this button to try it again:  Re-take


Check back frequently! The “Daily Quiz” will be changed “occasionally”…

You can take this quiz as many times as you want.

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OK… “Daily Quiz” might be a bit of an overstatement.

This quiz will be revised “occasionally.”  Please check back to see when a new quiz has been posted (you may retake this quiz as many times as you want…).

Note that we also feature a companion “Daily Poll!” Just for fun, we’ll explore deep questions such as- What’s your favorite hymn?  Favorite Bible verse?  Favorite Bible Version?  etc, etc.  This Poll will also be changed “occasionally.” But whenever you open it, you can see how the results are tracking.  Click the below button to to check out the Daily Poll (you can also access it from the home page):

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