Creative Connections

We’ve always believed that the church is the people, not the building.  But during this pandemic, we need to practice “social distancing” to fight the spread of Covid-19.  Not only is our church building closed, the people of the church can’t safely meet together in person.

We see Pastor Jim on Live Stream every Sunday, Kate and Lance Bird broadcast a Sunday School class for the kids, small groups and ministry teams are meeting on Zoom.  But what about the rest of us?  In “normal times” we see each other in church on Sundays, but now it’s getting hard to catch up with everyone.  The writer to Hebrews says that we should continue meeting together to “spur one another on to love and good deeds.”  (Hebrews 10:24-25)

Is there a way we can do that under the restrictions of social distancing?


We have set up two ministries where anyone can record a video or audio message which will be distributed to the church (and to the community beyond PUMC’s closed doors…).   The messages are short witnesses of God’s activity presented by the lay people of our church.  They come in the form of devotionals, music, or just plain and honest talk.  This technology brings us to a place where we can hear and see each other.  It creates a climate where we can continue meeting together; a “climate where spiritual growth can occur.”

Here’s how to experience Creative Connections!


Video Devotions

Periodically, volunteers post a short video on our church’s Facebook Group.  If you don’t “do Facebook” (or if you can’t find the videos), collections of the videos will be posted on this website (see below).

In the videos, lay volunteers read a devotion, give a prayer, or maybe even sing and play a song.  The messages are less than 5 minutes long.  They give you a few moments to connect with your church family and to begin your day focused on God.  

Use one of the below buttons to keep tabs on new devotionals and to view the videos:

Facebook Group            Website Post   


Pitman Prayer Phone

If you’re reading this post, you have Internet access (duh!).  But- many of our friends and family don’t have Internet access.  Or, you might be in a place where viewing a video is difficult.

So, we have also set up a separate phone-based “Creative Connection.”  Similar to the Video Devotions, audio recordings are made by lay volunteers.  These short “greetings” are updated periodically.  To hear the latest greeting, simply dial the below number:

(856) 226-4159

If you know of someone who doesn’t have Internet access, pick up the phone or write a letter and share this with them.


I Want to Help!

If you’re interested in submitting a Video Devotion or in recording a message for the Pitman Prayer Phone, devotional videos and phone greetings are being scheduled using Signup Genius. Separate signups are provided for the Video Devotions and Prayer Phone.  Click one of the below buttons:

Video Devotion Signup       Prayer Phone Signup  

For more information, send an email to: