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  1. Deborah

    alot of static, could hardly hear the bells, it stopped once the bells were done

    • Chuck

      Yes, unfortunately there were some technical difficulties with the audio this week; it wasn’t just on your end. But thanks for letting us know, and we’ll try to get this straightened out going forward.


    Little sound volume,My PC volume is at 100%

    • Chuck

      Sorry you were having trouble. Hopefully it cleared up later on in the service or that it’s ok next week. Please notice that there’s a separate volume control on the bottom right hand corner of the player (hover mouse over the video to reveal the controls)… maybe this volume was too low?

  3. Bruce Pote

    Wow ! What a nice service.

    My thanks to Susan, the Praise Team, the Brass Ensemble and the Bells for their music.

    Thanks also to Rev. Boulton for your insightful comments and perspective.

    To the Tech Team, who invests countless hours of preparation to present a high quality production every week…………..

    Thank you ALL for sustaining us through this COVID -19 adventure !

  4. Deborah Penningon

    Thanks to Chris, jennifer for signing and signing Glourious Day. My favorite song. LOve to hear chris sing it

  5. Deborah Pennington

    Loving the field background. The sign saying Welcome PUMC. awesome

  6. Deborah Pennington

    Great service, could hardly hear the bells ringing. The flowers are gorgeous. Praise God for all you do.

  7. kim tortella

    What a great service this morning. The songs were perfect to service and great job on the song words they were right on time.

  8. kim tortella

    Pastor Jim, you brought it this morning. It was a service filled with hope & care. This is what we need right now. It was a joy to see the top of someone’s head in the audience.
    Kim T

  9. Diane Geiger

    Another wonderful service. Thank you ALL for all you do to bring this to us.

  10. Bruce Pote

    My thanks to Sue Crispin for the tribute to Veterans from our Church family.
    I remember so many of them and am forever thankful for the wonderful “Role Models”
    they were for me.

    Thanks to all those who provide out weekly “Live Stream” service!

    I have Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address “bookmarked” on my computer and read it often.

    In very few words he delivered THE most focused and timeless speech in this country’s

    At the dedication of the National Cemetery in Gettysburg, Lincoln said…..

    ” It is altogether fitting and proper that we should do this. But, in a larger sense,
    we can not dedicate—we can not consecrate—we can not hallow—this ground.
    The brave men, living and dead, who struggled here, have consecrated it, far above our poor power to add or detract.”

    He got one thing wrong…..

    The world has NOT forgotten what he said there.

    In that speech, he challenged the spectators and the nation with these words. Words that ring true especially today
    with the many challenges we face.

    Lincoln implored a severely divided nation “that we here highly resolve that these dead shall not have died in vain—
    that this nation, under God, shall have a new birth of freedom
    —and that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth.”


    Enjoy your Memorial Day Holiday!

  11. Deborah Pennington

    what a beautiful tribute to the mothers. Most made me cry. Was so happy to see my mom twice. As she will be 92 years young tomorrow. Wonderful wonderful service. Thank you so very much

  12. Gail S Martin

    Pastor Jim, Today is still a little hard , we had to put our last furry friend down yesterday. But you are right always happy to see you and love you. I love your sermons and Thank you.

  13. Deborah Pennington

    Beautiful singing by Chris and the signing by Jennifer. Brought tears to my eyes. Praise God for you all. Love watching the service thru Live Stream. Prayers all is well.

  14. Deborah Pennington

    He is Risen, Happy Easter to all.

  15. Deborah Pennington

    He is Risen, Happy Easter to all. I will miss not seeing the Hallelujah sang by the choir and who ever else joins in. God has got this. Amen

  16. Linda Vogel

    Please add me to your devotionals and any news

    • Chuck

      Will do- I’ll see that you’re added! Thanks for watching the live stream today.
      BTW the 3 devotionals that Pastor Jim mentioned are posted on the website. Look for the “Pastor’s Ponderings” articles under the “Recent Godprint Blogs” which is in the right-hand sidebar.

  17. Deborah Pennington

    Happy Palm Sunday to all. So happy we are able to watch Live Stream service. I do miss seeing people in person. God Bless Pastor Jim and all the church people. Keep them all well

  18. Judy & Harry Prince

    Harry & I have been enjoying the live screening of Sunday services. Today the singing and Jim’s voice were all double voice overs. Very hard to understand, sometimes we couldn’t make sense of the service.

    • Chuck

      One possible cause for this- is there any chance that you had the Live Stream page open in more than one tab in your browser? I heard an echo (“double voice over”) too, but it went away when I closed/re-opened my browser.

  19. Jo

    Enjoying the live stream services, thank you for bringing the services online.
    Be safe and be well.

  20. Deborah Pennington

    The Live Stream is not working on my laptop. Sad i had to miss the service. God’s Blessing on you all, Be safe and healthy.

  21. Deborah Pennington

    amazing praise singing. brightens up my day. God’s blessing on my church family.

  22. Jennie C

    Grateful to be able to watch the service on livestream today! <3


    To the Govett family: Thanks for including us who are unable to be with you.

  24. Deborah Pennington

    Victory, Amazing services.

  25. Deborah Pennington

    Amen Love watching the sermon Live. Today’s live stream kept freezing and missing some of the sermon. Both 9:30 and 11:00 service. Thank You Pastor Jim for your
    wonderful sermons.

  26. Deborah Pennington

    Mary did you know is one of favorite Christmas songs. Just love how it was song so well by Chris and
    Anne. So amazing. Praise God

  27. Deborah Pennington

    Many Prayers for the Bolton family. May Gods hands on them help heal them. Give the doctors the knowledge to find out what is the cause. Wonderful Sermon Pastor Jim.

  28. Jj

    No live stream today for Women’s conference

    • Chuck

      The conference IS being lived streamed. Perhaps you “tuned in” too early? They also took a lunch break, so the stream was off ~12-1 PM. Try it again! It’s on right now (Saturday 11/2, 1:11 PM)…

  29. Deborah Pennington

    Praise God for video streaming.

  30. Deborah Pennington

    Really like the availability to at least watch church over video cam. I am fighting anemia right now. With prayers it should be healing.

  31. Merrill Bakely

    no sound on streaming today. 9/22/19

  32. Cindy a n.v d Doug Pownall

    Listening to Jim Kier leading the service from Whippoorwill Campground in Marmora, NJ

  33. Judy jones

    Good morning Pastor Jim. I really enjoyed your sermon. Thank you for your prayers. Please continue to keep me in your prayers. Even though I’m home, I continue to have some problems with my afib and with my legs and walking. Hopefully one day I will be back to normal.
    Happy Birthday!

  34. Deborah Pennington

    I wanted to watch the service on live stream. I could hardly hear the pastors voice. I notice in church last week, His mike wasnt very loud. I do so enjoy being able to watch the service.

    • Chuck

      The audio problem was also noticed by others, so it wasn’t on your end. Sorry for the difficulty; we’ll look into it. Thanks for letting us know!

  35. Eileen Oczkowski

    In late March or early April 2019, Pastor Jim gave a powerful message on how David overcame Goliath that really spoke to me. I wanted to see it or listen to it again + share it with my friends but can’t find it listed on your site. Is there any way I/we can access it? I would really appreciate it. Thank you.

    • Chuck

      All of our services are recorded, but not all are uploaded to the Live Stream archive. The one you’re asking about was on April 7, “One Shiny Stone.” We’ll see if we can get this one uploaded.

  36. Deborah Pennington

    wonderful childrens service.

  37. Staci Scheetz

    Glad to be a part of Worship while I am home recovering from foot surgery. A beautiful prayer for General Conference.

  38. Sarah Sacco

    Being sick for most of the month has gotten the best of me. I am grateful for the live-stream and enjoyed watching today’s service. Thank you for providing this to the community. I hope parishioners and the Pitman community are using this more and more.

  39. Deborah Pennington

    wonderful singing and sermon today. Praises to God for Pastor Jim. Prayers going out for everyones safety in getting home. Snow still coming down here but not alot.

  40. Bruce Pote

    Some days my allergies get the best of me. Today was such a day. It was so nice to know that I could still “attend” church, sip my coffee and put drops in my irritated eyes.

    Whenever I am under the weather or traveling, it is so nice to be able to stream PUMC’s church service.

    Keep up the great work!

  41. Deborah Pennington

    watching the cantata, could not bearly hear the man talking between the songs. The singing is great.

  42. Deborah Pennington

    Thank you for having this service on live stream. I am looking forward to watching the cantata today. As i am not able to drive at night. Blessings on the choir and the church. I am saddened about Jane Pape this is the first i am hearing about this. Praise God she is with him and not in pain anymore.

  43. Eileen Oxzkowski

    Looking forward to sharing Pastor Jim’s message from Sept. 2 and hoping it is posted soon. Thank you for the wonderful live stream and archived video ministries! It is a wonderful opportunity to witness to friends who are considering attending PUMC services!

  44. Deborah Pennington

    wonderful service

  45. Deborah Pennington

    Very much enjoying the service thru live stream. Still having pain in my left arm which makes it so i cant come out to church. glad i can see it thru live stream.

  46. Cris Everly

    Loved being “home” for worship while visiting my son and his family in Atlanta. Love the 23rd Psalm series, too.

  47. Deborah Pennington

    was hard to hear the speaker. But loved the christmas music Thank you

  48. Deborah Pennington

    WAtched from live stream today. Had to go to the hospital for bad pains in my back. Praise God i was able to be home to watch live Stream. The choir sounded wonderful singing by them selfs today. Praise God for Live Stream

  49. Judy jones

    Enjoyed watching today. Had really hoped to attend but it just didn’t work out. As usual the message and music was excellent. It’s been a long 6 months since I broke my ankle but hopefully I’ll get back soon.

  50. Judy jones

    Good morning PUMC. I so miss being there, but I am thankful for the live stream!
    Today’s Fathers Day Servive was excellent. The singing was beautiful and the message was great.
    I’m so thankful for my PUMC family.

  51. Deborah Pennington

    watching service today thru live stream. So happy we have that.

  52. Deborah Pennington

    Attending church with Live Stream today. Love being able to watch it from home when i cant make to the church.

  53. Jane Pape

    Always love the song Don’t Send Me to Africa— Enjoy the Vanderhoofs when they come.

  54. Deborah Pennington

    Thank you for a wonderful service. Didnt want to bring my sickness to church

  55. Walt

    Dear Pastor Jim,

    God bless you richly!

    The live stream is a blessing. Nothing like being there in person. But, an opportunity for many. I thought today’s message was very good. The BATTLE is forming, as real as the storm that hit Pitman, and only because of the ground being so soft, did much damage, a couple years back. I remember your description of the clouds, as you went to Heritage’s. However, as you said, God is still faithful, in spite of circumstances. As Corrie Ten Boom said, Jesus is VICTOR–and that makes ALL the difference; doesn’t it!?

  56. Connie Norton

    Thank you Pastor Jim for an encouraging word this morning. I didn’t want to bring my cough into the service today. Connie

  57. Ozell Szelag [Z-LAG]

    Good Morning Pastor Jim

    Staying home today so I don’t make everyone sick,, going to try to live stream

    • Chuck

      Sorry you missed seeing Jim Hughes in person. How did he look on the Live Stream? Hope you feel better soon; have a blessed Christmas!

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