Global Missionaries Send Updates and Request Prayers (11/14/15)

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Christmas Decs 2014- Missionary Tree _IMG_1283Christmas is one of the most holy and anticipated times of the year for Christians all around the world. Similar preparations and traditions, decorations, celebrations, music, worship observances, the giving of gifts, and gathering of families and friends; all of these rituals that mark this important event in the life of our faith are replicated by Christians everywhere.

Our church supports many missionaries who have left the United States to live in countries around the world.  They bring the faith and Good News about Jesus Christ, but they also share in the culture of their host countries.

During this Holy season, please take a moment to remember our missionaries. Pray for them; that God will keep them safe; and grant them His guidance and peace.

Below are updates from some of our missionaries.  Included are their addresses.  Send them  a holiday card or note, or email message.  Remember these missionaries; they need our encouragement and support.


Joy Phillips (Kenya)

Joy Phillips at PUMC on 3/30/14Joy is eager to learn where God will take her next in her new international position as Compassionate Ministries Coordinator. Soon she will be traveling to Egypt with several Africa Regional Directors. They know that Egypt is dangerous, politically complex, and steeped in Islam. Only 3.4% of Egyptians are Christian; and the majority of the worlds unreached people live in that area. Joy dreams about Egypt, and what it would look like if the Kingdom of God were alive there. Joy knows that Christ is already there; and prays that her dreams for Egypt become a reality.

Mailing Address:  Joy Phillips PO Box 76695 00508, Nairobi Kenya

Email Address:

For more info:      Joy Phillips


Steve and Gail Quigg (Mission Safety International)

Steve & Gail Quigg & familySteve and Gail are still in transition. Details of Steve’s new assignment and responsibilities are still being worked out. Steve’s position as Aviation Coordinator in D.R.Congo is being transferred to the Congolese aviation staff.
Steve anticipates that his new responsibilities will center on developing plans for a new aviation base in Kindu, East Congo; that will provide aviation service to the expanding frontiers of the United Methodist Church in D.R. Congo. Steve will continue working with Mission Safety International; traveling the world to bring safety and security to missionary pilots.

Mailing Address:    Steve and Gail Quigg 416 Red Hill Rd. Pequea, Pa. 17565

Email Address: 

For more info:        Steve & Gail Quigg


John & Kendra Enright (Zambia)

John and Kendra Enright AND Nate & Elinda Steury serve the Kafakumba Pastor’s School.  This Training Center has been a beacon of hope and transformation for more than 50 years. Through wars and upheavals year after year it continues preparing and equipping village pastors to share God’s good news in their villages and communities throughout central Africa. At 91, Lorraine Enright, who has spent most of her life as a missionary in Africa, continues to be active in their childrens’ ministry.

Mailing Address:    The Enright and Steury Families, United Methodist Church PO Box 70839 Ndola, Zambia, Africa

Email Address:

For more info:       Enrights & Steurys


Jim and Alice VanderHoof (Kenya)

Jim & Alice VanderhoofJim and Alice have been missionaries in Africa for 31 years. This summer they were granted a well deserved three month vacation/ sabbatical leave; so they were able to spend extended time with their family and friends here, and get some much needed rest.Jim and Alice returned to Kenya in November to resume their demanding responsibilities as Regional Field Directors.

They meet frequently with missionaries, volunteers, and ministry partners to share with and pray for each other; and address their many needs. They also enjoy a special relationship with the Africa Gospel Church; mentoring them so that they can more effectively reach every corner of Africa with the gospel message

Mailing Address:    Jim and Alice Vanderhoof PO Box 467 Nakuru 20100 Kenya

Email Address:

For more info:        Jim & Alice


John & Dasia Abramovich (Poland)

Dasia & John Abramovich (4/8/14)John and Dasia again had wonderful summer Bible Camps for children and teenagers; where they teach, evangelize, disciple, and mentor young people. Now they continue their ministry with the children of Poland with Bible Clubs in schools and churches in their community. John and Dasia are excited to see that Polish churches are growing, becoming more evangelistic, and more involved in global missions and ministries.
Both John and Dasia have been experiencing multiple health problems. Please pray for healing and recovery for both of them; as well as for their ministry with the children of Poland.

Mailing Address:    John and Dasia Abramovich ul Wislanska 128 43-430 Harbutowice Poland

Email Address:

For more info:      John & Dasia


Scott & Meg Rambo (Congo)

Scott Meg Rambo _20150517_103926-600xScott, Meg, and their four little boys returned to Uganda last summer. they recently moved into a home in Kasese, which is near the equator and the border of DR Congo and home to many Congolese. Scott travels into DR Congo whenever it is safe enough to do so; meets with, mentors, and teaches pastors there.

He is working with the Africa Gospel Church to establish ministries in that area of DR Congo. Meg has begun oral Bible studies with the women in Kasese. They are both still learning Swahili and French. Tim,7 and Ben,5 attend school.  Josiah, 3 is rapidly learning Swahili; and baby Elijah,1 crawls fast enough to keep up with his brothers, but refuses to walk.

Pray for Scott and Meg as they continue to assess the volatile situation in DR Congo and make decisions about the future of their ministry there.

Mailing Address:    Scott and Meg Rambo PO Box 28 Kasese Uganda

Email Address:

For more info:      Scott & Meg


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