Nate Steury Returns to PUMC! (11/6/22)

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Rev. Nate Steury is one of the missionaries our church as supported over the years.  Nate and Elinda Steury are currently working in Zambia.  They are continuing the work of Ken and Lorraine Enright (familiar names to PUMC).  The Enrights founded the Kafakumba Pastor’s School many years ago, and we’ve continued to support that mission.

We were blessed with Nate’s visit to PUMC in 2021 (on Oct. 31), and we’re doubly blessed that he is able to return to visit us again this year, on Sunday Nov. 6. 


Who are the Steury’s???

First of all, his name is pronounced “Stiry”… just like stirring a pot…
If the name Nate Steury isn’t familiar to you, you probably recognize his wife’s maiden name:  Enright.  After serving several United Methodist churches in Florida, Nate and his wife Elinda Enright Steury followed Ken and Larraine Enright to Africa.

Nate Steury (at PUMC on 10/31/21)

Ken and Lorraine Enright founded the Kafakumba Pastor’s School in Zambia.  With their son John and his wife, Kendra, the family began their mission work in what was then known as Belgium Congo, where they started the first pastor’s school.
In 1991 war drove the Enright’s out of Congo, and they relocated in Zambia, where they purchased 80 acres of land. In what they describe as a miracle, that once barren land is now the site of the Kafakumba Pastor’s School and Training Center.  Buildings were constructed using local materials. Today, the Enrights’ initial efforts have blossomed into a United Methodist Church, dormitories, guest houses, classrooms, an auditorium, cafeteria, computer lab, an elementary school, and a retirement home.
There have been many changes at Kafakumba.  Ken, Lorraine, and John Enright have gone on to Glory. Nate and Elinda returned to Zambia in 2013, and are working with John’s widow, Kendra, and her sons, Brian and Nathan to assure that the Enright legacy at Kafakumba keeps growing and thriving. Grandchildren are now the fourth generation of Enrights there.   God is constantly at work at Kafakumba. The Enrights and Steurys  feel that they are not waiting for God; but rushing to keep up with Him.  

Kafakumba Transformational Outreach

At PUMC, our first exposure to the word “Kafakumba” came during the 1980’s through our former pastor, Rev. Bill Reasner.  At the time, “Kafakumba” was synonymous with the Pastor’s School which was started by Ken and Lorraine Enright.  The Reasner’s knew the Enrights and had worked with them many times in Africa.
Today, the word “Kafakumba” has evolved to mean much more than the Pastor’s school.  The school is still an important part of the ministry, but Kafakumba Transformational Outreach also includes:
  • Kafakumba Church (Nate leads the English speaking service)
  • Kafakumba Clinic (health care for the community-  Elinda is a nurse in the clinic)
  • Journey of Transformation (Business skills for Spiritual growth)
  • Sports (facilities to reach youth)
  • Kafakumba Training Center (facilities for community events)

To Learn More about Kafakumba…

Facebook:  (You don’t need a Facebook account…. just click below to open the box.)

Kafakumba Facebook Page

Kafakumba Website:
PUMC Website:
Missions Bulletin Board:
If you’re in the building, check out the Missions Bulletin Board (that’s in the entry to the Fellowship Hall).  It has a display on the Kafakumba Transformational Outreach.

Compassion: Let’s Change the World!

Frequently, when missionaries visit a US church, they only speak of what they’re doing overseas.  When Nate visited PUMC last year (2021), he did fill us in on what he and he and Elinda are up to with Kafakumba.  But Nate also gave us a challenge:  to exercise Compassion to its fullest extent.  He spoke on John 13:35 to give the example of Jesus showing compassion by humbling Himself and washing His disciples’ feet.
Just as we can’t make an apple, we can’t form compassion out of thin air.  We need to cultivate compassion by developing day by day habits.  His message showed us how to cultivate compassion in our lives…
  • Be prayerful and silent.  Know that God hears you.
  • Reflect; take it all in and look for God.
  • “When the going gets tough… turn to wonder!”  
  • Be open to others.  Don’t make assumptions and “put people into a box”.
  • “Compassion is the world’s greatest energy source!”

If you can’t be in Pitman for Nate’s visit, join via Live Stream!  Or, if you missed the visit and are reading this post afterwards, view a recording.  Visit our Live Stream page:

Live Stream

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