2022 Advent Devotional Booklet

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Faith grows in struggle.  Just as muscles grow when we struggle with weights, faith grows when we test it against the struggles of life.  The season of Advent consists of the four weeks before Christmas, with each of four Sundays representing hope, love, joy, and peace.  But more than a holiday season, Advent is a time of preparation and hope.  We hope in a deeper connection with God.  God uses our faith to bring us to that deeper connection, to the hope of a more abundant life.  

Epiphany is celebrated on January 6 (regardless of the day of the week), and it marks the visit of the Magi (“wise men”), which is traditionally considered to be 12 days after the birth of Jesus.  We use this historical event to celebrate our own ongoing Epiphanies: moments when God reveals Himself to us, moments of blessing disguised in everyday occurrences.   Epiphanies occur when WE seek Christ.

Our faith and hope are strengthened by the life stories of those who are sharing our walk.  When we hold hands with other people who are walking their own faith journey, we are encouraged and inspired to go further and deeper within our own journeys. 

The devotionals presented on this page are designed to be a tool to help you “hold hands” and to grow your faith during this Advent and Epiphany season.  The booklet is an “annual tradition”…  but Advent doesn’t have to be limited to the passing of dates on a Calendar.  Use these devotional articles to grow closer to God one day at a time.   Discover your own Epiphanies as you prepare for the coming of Christ.


Daily Devotions for Advent & Epiphany 2022

The devotional is presented in PDF format. Instead of presenting the entire booklet in one file (and forcing you to scroll through the whole thing to find the current date’s article), the booklet is broken up into separate week-by-week files.

To read the article for any given date, scroll down to the week you want and click on the button. All of the files begin with Sunday and run through Saturday of the indicated week.  This year, Christmas Day falls on a Sunday, so the Christmas Day devotional is in the “Week 5” file.  December 26 through January 6 marks the season of Epiphany.


First Week in Advent

(Sunday November 27 through Saturday December 3)

Week 1


Second Week in Advent

(Sunday December 4 through Saturday December 10)

Week 2


Third Week in Advent

(Sunday December 11 through Saturday December 17)

Week 3


Fourth Week in Advent

(Sunday December 18 through Saturday December 24)

Week 4


Christmas Day, and Epiphany Days 1-6

(Sunday December 25 through Saturday December 31)

Ephiphany 1


Epiphany Days 7-12

(Sunday January 1 through Friday January 6)

Ephiphany 2




About the Devotional Booklet…

Here’s an introduction to the booklet from the editors of the 2022 Devotionals for Advent (& Epiphany) …

Written contributions kept pouring in during October, and the result is this book, which goes past Christmas, all the way to Epiphany, January 6. We often refer to this book as an “ecumenical” project, which means it crosses denominational lines. This year, writers come from 18 different churches and 5 different states. We welcome 6 brand new writers as well. 

Embracing the content of these writings may form a framework for your Christmas season, as you identify with other Christians who share their heartfelt stories. You may relate to someone’s struggle or someone’s victory. You may be reminded of your own past experiences.

Advent means “coming,” when we can prepare for the celebration of Christ’s birth and also acknowledge the second coming of Christ.  Themes of hope, love, joy, and peace resonate.

We pray for the next 6 weeks that you will focus on Jesus Christ, our Reason for the Season.


Christians from across the country joined together to produce this Daily Devotional. The booklets were published in hardcopy form and distributed within the participating churches. But if you can’t get to a participating church to pick up a copy, the electronic copies of the devotions are presented here. Use the devotionals “on the go” and share them with others who don’t have access to the printed booklets. Click one of the social media “share” buttons at the bottom of this post and share the link with your “friends” or “followers.”


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