United Methodist Church Promotes Mental Health (8/1/22)

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As we walk through this earthly life, we’re constantly reminded that not everyone responds to life’s stresses in the way which most of us might consider to be “normal.” Some of us become anxious about “simple things” like phone calls, or traveling outside, or being in large crowds.  Some of us are so paralyzed by fear that we even consider ending our own lives.

Most of us want to stay away from others who struggle with things that we don’t struggle with.  But God wants all of us to be strong in Him; to have His Joy and to lead lives that are full and abundant.

As United Methodists, we are called to understand the burdens of “mental illness.”  We’re called to love and support all people and to protect the respect they deserve as children of God.


The below PDF pamphlet outlines the Church’s “Caring Communities” policies and challenges all of us to become more aware of mental illnesses and to grow in our abilities to give support, to accept, and to love.

(This PDF consists of two pages.  Use the up and down arrows on the top header (the grey bar) to navigate through the document.)


Mental Health Bulletin Insert



Here are some of the links contained in the pamphlet.  Some of these names might sound pretty formal (and boring!), but the work that’s being done is exciting:


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For more information about our connections with the United Methodist Church and the available resources, click this button:

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