Methodists Help Washed Up Laundromat Customers (7/26/22)

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Can there be anything more boring than to lug a basket of dirty clothes into a laundromat and then sit in an uncomfortable chair watching socks tumble around in the dryer?  Of course it could be worse:  Maybe you forgot to bring the right change.  Maybe you didn’t bring detergent.  Maybe you’re surrounded by grumpy people who are just as “excited” by the experience as you are.

A United Methodist Church in Georgia wanted to do something to brighten up this dreary experience.  God’s love is everywhere, so church can happen anywhere…


Coins and Care…

A recent article on the North Georgia Conference’s website described a ministry where members of a United Methodist Church visit a local laundromat to supply patrons with detergent and coins. 

The Bright Star United Methodist Church (in Douglasville, GA) wanted to reach out to the community to show a taste of God’s love.  So they created a ministry called “Coins & Care.”  Several times a month, they visit the nearby “All Washed Up” laundromat to surprise patrons with a friendly greeting and a laundry “care package.”  The package includes detergent and quarters (along with a smile and welcome to the Bright Star UMC).


Church Can Happen Anywhere…

We are frequently trapped by the vision which limits “Church” to the events that take place on Sunday mornings inside the Church’s building.  But God’s engagement with us is a 24×7 operation, and most of our contact with God happens outside of our church building.

We sometimes say things like, “Come to church on Sunday, and you’ll see how much God loves you!”  But what if you don’t “come to church on Sunday”… does God still love you?  Is it impossible to see God’s love unless you’re inside a church building???

The Bright Star United Methodist Church has come up with this creative way to reach out to people in a local laundromat.  By spending some time with people, handing out snacks, and supplying coins and detergent, these Christians are meeting the people at their needs.  Through their creativity, they are extending God’s love an an unexpected way. 

In Luke chapter 16,  Jesus told the story of a “Shrewd Manager” who was about to be fired.  While he still had the ability, the manager came up with a dishonest scheme to make friends who would help him through his impending unemployment.  The manager’s boss commended the “Shrewd Manager” for using the resources available to him, even though the manager was stealing from him. 


Jesus didn’t tell this parable to show approval of the dishonest manager’s action.  He used this illustration to encourage us to think outside the box and to use our creativity to show His love to the people around us. 


This ministry at Bright Star challenges all churches to find ways of reaching out to their own community.  The specific need might be something other than laundry detergent, but God has enabled us to find our own creative ways of helping people.  Do we know our community well enough to meet those needs?



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