United Methodists Help Immigrants (June 2022)

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Just the mere mention of the word  “Immigration” stirs up a wide range of political divides.  But regardless of the politics, families making their way from violent crime-ridden countries in Central America need the love of Jesus.  As disciples of Christ, our mission is to reach out and “feed the hungry and clothe the naked,” regardless of how they arrived in their circumstances. 

The drug cartels and rampant crime in countries such as Guatemala are driving families to seek a better life.  That path leads them northward into Mexico and frequently into the USA.


What are We (and Other Churches) Doing to Help?

The United Methodist News Service recently published a report outlining what Methodists and other churches are doing to help the people caught in the desperate situation of a northward migration.  As these families travel by foot over harsh terrain, they are exposed to the elements and need food, water, and clothing.  In some cases, they even need medical care for babies who are born in the midst of this ordeal.

The baby in this photo was born in Tapachula, Mexico as her family made its way north from El Salvador.  The Rev. Joel Hortiales, a United Methodist missionary, provides a moment of comfort to this 11 day old girl.



To see more of what Christians are doing to help those caught in this desperate situation which caused them to flee their country, click the below button.

Care for the Least of These



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