United Methodists Stand with Ukraine (May 2022)

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Since February 2022, we’ve been inundated by images of bombs, bodies, and burned out buildings.  Devastation and Darkness have covered the people of Ukraine.

But when the refugees began to stream from their country, United Methodists in Eastern Europe immediately jumped into action to help the displaced Ukrainians. 

In late May 2022, a team from the United Methodist News Service traveled to the region to report on what the United Methodist Church is doing to cushion the suffering and to provide a refuge for those fleeing their war torn country.  One result of this visit is a series of heart-warming photos taken by  Mike DuBose of the United Methodist News Service. 


The Chris Tomlin song, “How Great is Our God,” reminds us that God’s Light always triumphs…

He wraps himself in light,

And darkness tries to hide,

And trembles at His voice.

Trembles at His voice.


Glimmers of Light in a Dark World…

In these pictures, we catch a refreshing glimpse of God’s light:  children playing, refugees being given a home, Hungarians, Czechs, and Americans praying with displaced Ukrainians. 

One of the photos, shown below, offers a sense of “normalcy” as children play …. in a United Methodist Camp located in Debrecen, Hungary. 



To view all of the photos and to read the introductory article, click the following button:

Standing with Ukraine

The above button links to an Adobe Page created by the United Methodist News Service. It loads slowly, so please be patient.

And, no guarantees that this link will always be valid. If you’re viewing this post in the “distant future,” the pictures may not be there.


How Can I Help?

In the United Methodist Church, relief efforts are funded by an organization called “UMCOR” (which has the really exciting name of “United Methodist Committee on Relief.”). The name isn’t inspiring, but the work  that happens because of UMCOR is exciting.  From our neck of the woods,we can help people in places like Ukraine by supporting a fund established by UMCOR.

To give to UMCOR’s Ukrainian relief efforts, check out our website’s Invest” page.  If you want to give electronically, click the “Give” button that’s on the  top of that page (from the online giving site,select the “UMCOR-Beneveloance” fund).  Additional instructions are on the “Invest” page if you want to give in other ways.



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To see other articles about United Methodist relief activities, click this button:  UMCOR  



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