Preschool Celebrates a Year in the Son (6/2/22)

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Before the pandemic, our preschool year ended with a big celebration inside the church building. The sanctuary would always be packed with proud parents taking pictures of their kids.   In 2020,such indoor meetings weren’t possible, so we took our Preschool graduation on the road and made it a drive-through event.  Lawn signs were planted at the students’ homes and the teachers drove by, honking and waving.  In 2021 our graduation got rained out.

This year was almost back to normal.   The only restriction is that we had to hold our graduation outdoors.  But it was a beautiful sunny day, and the parking lot proved to be a great location for a party!


Congratulations Class of ’22!

A Sound system, a keyboard, and two rows of chairs were set up on the sidewalk outside of the Fellowship Hall doors.  And then 40 Pre-K children filled the chairs and cheered the hearts of their parents and all who gathered in the parking lot.  The kids waved, danced, and sang songs demonstrating what they had learned during the year. 

The mission of Our Father’s House roughly divides into three areas:

  • Community Support
  • Academic Learning
  • Spiritual Nurturing

The kids sang songs which fit into those three areas.


Community Support…

The community of Our Fathers House consists of a school home, a town, and a country. 

Our Father’s House is a Home; a nurturing community of friends, classmates, teachers, and fellow parents.  The children started the program by singing songs like “Come and Go with Me to Our Father’s House.” The Pre-K program offers a full day class (called the “Busy Bees) and two half day classes (both are called the “Friendly Fish”).  So, to celebrate their individual classes. the Busy Bees sang the “Bumblebee song” and then the Friendly Fish followed up with “I’m a Little Fishy.”

Our community is also our country.  The program opened with the Flag Salute and a rendition of “God Bless America.”


Academic Learning…

Our Father’s House is also a place to learn the basic skills that the children will need when they enter school next fall.  The “Three R’s” form a big part of the learning experience.  To demonstrate what they’ve learned, the kids sang songs like “The ABC Song” and “Count by 10’s.”


Spiritual Nurturing…

The biggest part of Our Father’s House is the Foundation.  The basis of a rich, joy-filled, purposeful life can only be found in God.  Throughout the year, the kids study the Bible and are inspired by the loving example of their teachers and parents. They learn to build on that Foundation of Jesus’ love by giving back to the community. 

In each month of the school year, the kids participated in mission projects to help people across the globe…  and across the street.   Through Heifer International we donated farm animals.  We collected cereal for the Pitman Food Pantry.  We  collected lemonade and change for Alex’s lemonade stand, and prepackaged snack food items for the Ronald McDonald House.

At Christmas, the kids collected shoe boxes and filled them with toys for the Operation Christmas Child project.  They also purchased new toys for children for the Christmas Party for “Kids Who Need a Break.”

At Valentine’s Day the kids made Valentine’s cards for the residents of Pitman Manor.  The Manor (also called United Methodist Communities at Pitman) is located down the street from PUMC. For Easter, more cards were made and sent to the residents of the Manor.

We were busy showing God’s love every month. 

God calls us to love Him by loving others. The solid foundation in the Bible which they learned this year will help these children to love, serve, and grow closer to God throughout their lives.  The songs in the program also demonstrated that life in Our Father’s House is “Under the SOn.”  The kids sang songs such as “The B-I-B-L-E”, “I’m in the Lord’s Army,” “Kids of the Kingdom,” and “He’s Got the Whole World in His Hands.”


Here are a few glimpses of the celebration…

One of the songs they sang was “He’s Got the Whole World in His Hands.”  Below is a short video of this rendition.


Party Time!

Each child was given a lawn sign to remember the event.  After the program, the kids stood in front of their sign and their parents picked them up.  The celebration then moved to Atkinson Park (located about a mile from the church). 

At the park we threw a big family picnic; the kids, their parents and their grandparents were all there.    We reserved the pavilion, and everyone brought a picnic lunch for their own family (usually sandwiches/hoagies).  There was plenty of room for everyone at the pavilion’s picnic tables, and kids and adults all enjoyed the time together. 

After the meal, the two playgrounds surrounding the pavilion gave the kids a place to run around and play.  The graduation and the picnic were a great culmination to our year!  

We look forward to more “Fun Under the SOn” next year!




Remembering Mr. Mike

This was the first graduation without our school’s pianist,  Mike Murphy.  “Mr. Mike” passed away in September of 2021. PUMC’s organist, Sue Crispin graciously filled in, but Mr. Mike will always be missed.


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For more info about our Preschool, click this button:   Our Father’s House



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