PUMC Organizes Bus Trip to See David at Sight and Sound (10/19/22)

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King Saul had kind of gone off the tracks.  His power went to his head, and he was no longer in tune with God.  So God wanted to replace Saul with a “man after my own heart.”  So God chose a little boy.  A shepherd.  David went down as the greatest of the Israelite kings… until Jesus.  And Jesus is the “seed” who God promised to David.  Through Jesus, David’s throne will continue throughout eternity.

Who was this David?  Why did God pick him? 

David was far from perfect.  He was a warrior and he committed adultery.  He even had his mistress’ husband killed so he could marry her himself.  And yet, he asked for forgiveness and never lost sight of God. 

What can we learn from David’s life that can help us in our walk with God?


David: Sight and Sound

Sight and Sound is a special theater located in Lancaster County, PA.  It employs a huge cast, amazing special effects, and even live animals.  It’s a unique experience.

We have organized a bus trip to Sight and Sound for October 19, 2022.  It will be a morning to be inspired by the story of David, and then it will be an afternoon of fellowship as we enjoy a family style dinner at the nearby Hershey Farm Restaurant.



WHO:      Anyone!

WHAT:     Sight and Sound Theater and Hershey Farms Restaurant

WHEN:    Wednesday October 19, 2022

WHERE:  Sight and  Sound is located in Ronks, PA, and the Hershey Farm Restaurant is “next door.”  Click Here to see a Google Map.

HOW:  Depart and return from the church parking lot.  We have chartered a coach.


  • Departure:  8:00 AM
  • Sight and Sound performance:  11:00 AM
  • Hershey Farm Dinner:   2:00 PM
  • Depart Hershey Farms: 4:00 PM (arrive in Pitman ~5:30 PM)

COST:    $120 per person.  Price includes bus, show, and dinner.  Make checks payable to “Pitman United Methodist Church”, and write “Sight and Sound” in the memo line.  Checks can be placed in the offering plate or delivered to the church office.

MORE INFO:  Contact the Church Office, (or see Debbie Harrison or Gail Martin). 

Space is limited!  First come first served.  Make your registration ASAP..

What is “David?” Behind the Scenes Production…

Sight and Sound began producing “David” at the height of the pandemic, and work was done with limited staff.  But the pandemic waned, staff returned, and this awesome production came to fruition.  Check out this Sight and Sound video for the back story.



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