Missionaries for Poland to Visit PUMC (5/15/22)

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John Abraromovich is a New Jersey native who left his roots to plant new ones alongside of the people of Poland.  From those roots sprung his marriage to Dasia and many years of fruitful ministry in Poland.  John and Daisa are very familiar to PUMC’ers; we have supported them and welcomed them home to our church many times over the years.

They plan to visit with us during our worship service on Sunday May 15.

They’ve been here many times and over the years, and they’ve become familiar faces.  But these aren’t familiar times.  In the face of the current war in Ukraine, John and Dasia have switched from their normal activities and are now doing all they can to help the refugees who are escaping from Ukraine and seeking safety in other locations.  The refugees are settling in Poland and in other countries, and John and Dasia are helping them with arrangements and with food and clothing.


Here’s a portion of a report that John emailed on March 6:

For many days Dasia has been on the phone enlisting help for refugees from Ukraine. Friday and Saturday we and people from at least four churches helped BCM missionaries get two Ukrainian groups a place to stay in Poland or one group to a place in Germany. We also sent back medicine and food that is already in the hands of a church in Ukraine. We expect more refugees this week and possible collecting more food and medicine to go back to Ukraine. We are all learning how to do this better!



32 Years of Ministry…

John and Dasia Abramovich are missionaries in Skoczow, Poland whom PUMC has helped to support for many years.  They will arrive in New Jersey in the middle of March and return to Poland in June.  

In the weeks leading up to their departure from Poland, John and Dasia have been working with  missionaries affiliated with an organization called Bible Centered Ministries (BCM International).  They have all joined forces with four churches to assist Ukranian refugees by suppling them with food, clothing, and a place to stay. We will have the opportunity to hear of their work when they speak at PUMC on May 15.

John grew up in Runnemede, NJ. He was always active in church, leading youth and young adult ministries. In 1990, he learned of similar ministries in Poland and traveled there on a mission trip. There he met Dasia.  After several more trips, they were married in 1995, and John relocated to Poland.

Dasia & John Abramovich (4/8/14)

Dasia grew up in Poland. As a teen she taught Sunday School in her local church and did volunteer ministry work with children. In 1990 she became a full-time worker with MED (Love, Education, Maturity) in partnership with BCM International.  Dasia’s work with MED includes evangelizing, discipling, and teaching children; encouraging and preparing Christians in practical ways to work with children and preparing materials and visual aids for children’s work. Dasia was the director of MED from 1992-2004; she is still on the MED Board of Directors. 

Much of Dasia’s time has been focused on teacher training and organizing multiple Summer Bible Camps for children, including those with special needs. She also arranges retreats and conferences for teachers, children and parents; Dasia teaches a local Bible Club and sometimes counsels young women.

John assists MED by teaching multiple Bible Studies for teenagers; and conducting English Conversation Clubs. He regularly preaches at several local churches, and translates MED correspondence and publications into English when necessary.

John and Dasia plan to retire this December, although they plan to continue God’s work in Poland  in retirement.

John and Dasia faithfully send us monthly newsletters.  They write: “We appreciate your prayers, your interest and your financial support for God’s work in Poland. We wish you  a Happy Easter as you celebrate the Resurrection of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.”

Please plan to attend our 10:15 AM service on Sunday May 15 when we welcome John and Dasia to PUMC.  If you can’t greet them in person, “attend” the service via our Live Stream.


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To learn more about the Abramovich’s, check out this page:  Abramovich   


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