2022 Christmas Marketplace Ready to Open (11/12/22)

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People all over the world are living in poverty.  There are shortages of food, medicine, housing, and water.  So we’ve decided to do something about it.  By supporting efforts such as UMCOR (The United Methodist Committee on Relief) and other global and local organizations who are making a difference, PUMC’s annual “Christmas Marketplace” has been helping to provide water, food, and relief to thousands of people across the globe.

This year’s Marketplace will be held on November 12, 2022.


Christmas Marketplace….

The effort continues.  The Christmas Marketplace provides a venue where crafters can sell their wares to raise money which helps fight world poverty.  It’s not a yardsale.  Everything exhibited and sold in the Marketplace is handmade and original.  The Marketplace offers all varieties of craft items: knitted items such as blankets, prayer shawls, and cancer hats, quilted blankets, wooden crafts, baked goods, and even floral arrangements.  It’s a cross between a craft show and a marketplace.

And, more importantly, the Marketplace is a way to harness our creative talent to fight poverty.


2022 Christmas Marketplace

WHAT:   A exhibition and sale of craft items to fight world poverty

WHEN:   Saturday Nov. 12, 2022

TIMES:   8:00 AM – 2:00 PM

WHERE:  PUMC Fellowship Hall

COST:     Free to attend, $40 to rent exhibitor space


Turning Crafts into Love…

So you want to help people.  You feel the call to be a witness for Jesus Christ, to love your neighbor as yourself, to do good “unto the least of these”.  How can you take on these huge tasks all by yourself?  Can your efforts make any difference?   

The answers:  You CAN’T take the huge tasks on all by yourself, and yes- your efforts CAN make a difference!

Whether you come to the Marketplace as an exhibitor or customer, you can contribute to the effort to share the Gospel and to alleviate suffering.   Things like digging wells, piping water, providing health care, protecting children, nurturing youth all take money.  We may not have a lot of money, but we do have talent.  We can’t write big checks, but we can make little things.  The Marketplace is a way to convert those talents into money which can in turn be used to make a difference in the world.

Here are some of the talents that will be brought to the Marketplace; things that will be sold:

  • Hats, scarfs, blankets made by PUMC’s “Hooks and Needles” and “Scrappy Quilters” groups
    (they’ve been preparing for this all year…)
  • Our Bakery will have homemade items like cakes, cookies and other sweets. 
  • The Deli will offer a selection of salads, soups and dips already packaged and ready to take home.
  • The Cafe will sell coffee and bagels during the early part of the day, and hoagies and sodas for lunch. 
  • The Craft table, plant table and a large Christmas shop will get you ready for the holidays.


All of the proceeds from Table Space fees will go directly to mission projects.  Additionally, many of the vendors will donate all or part of their sales proceeds to the mission efforts.  The Marketplace helps people by supporting ministries such as:



Let’s Work Together!

Whether you’re a “crafty person” who wants to share your talents, or a “window shopper” who wants to admire the talents of others, or if you’re shopping for Christmas Gifts, we can all gather at The Marketplace to help people.  Supporting The Marketplace helps share God’s love around Pitman and around the world.


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The Christmas Marketplace is organized by the PUMC United Methodist Women (now called “United Women of Faith”).  To learn more about the UMW, click the below button:  United Methodist Women  


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