PUMC to Provide Thanksgiving for HollyDELL School (11/21/21)

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Happy Thanksgiving!  Turkey, stuffing, peas, and cranberry sauce, all topped off by a big slice of pumpkin pie!  For most of us, that pretty much describes our Thanksgiving day.  But if you have difficulty in speaking, or walking, or in holding a job, enjoying turkey, trimmings, and football takes on some unusual barriers….

Turkey Time!

For many years, PUMC has been partnering with our Boy Scout troop to provide Thanksgiving meals to the students and families of the HollyDELL school. HollyDELL helps children and young adults who have cerebral palsy and other physical or mental challenges. 
This year, despite all of the difficulties with COVID, the tradition continues just as the needs continue.  We have set a goal of collecting 25 turkeys, packaging them with goods donated by our Boy Scouts, and then delivering these meals to the HollyDELL school.  Not only does this provide a special meal to special families with special needs on a special day, it reaches out to show a small portion of the tremendous love that God has for all of us.  Truly, we are all blessed to become a blessing.  God gives, God supplies, and God inspires so that we can reflect God to others.

The People of HollyDELL School…

HollyDELL school is located in Washington Township NJ and in three other nearby locations.  It is an oasis of hope for children and adults with learning and developmental challenges.  The “DELL” HollyDELL stands for Development, Education, Leisure, and Life skills; kids and families dealing with the life long struggles of diseases such as cerebral palsy need a break.  As we thank God for all He’s given us,  sharing a Thanksgiving meal is one small way of sharing the love that God has for all people.  These turkey dinners relieve the burden of shopping and cooking for the parents while providing the children and families a special time together.  
To learn more about HollyDELL School, click this button:    HollyDELL School
Watch this video to see what they’re doing (this video is on the HollyDELL website)…

(from HollyDELL School on Vimeo.)


Talkin’ Turkey

Do you want to donate a Turkey?
WHEN:  by Nov. 21
CONTACT: Marshall Genter (or the church office)
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