Operation Christmas Child Blesses Families in 2021 (11/14/21)

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Sunday 11/14/21 was our day to celebrate Generosity.  We did “generous things” such as submitting our “estimate of giving cards”, and Pastor Jim’s sermon reminded us that we are designed to be generous and that we miss moments of contact with God if we’re too focused on ourselves.  But this Sunday was also special because it was the day when we presented our “Operation Christmas Child” boxes on the altar. 


Operation Christmas Child

For the past couple of months, PUMC’ers have been filling special shoeboxes with items that could be used by kids.  These “items” included little things like pencils, notepads, toy cars, yoyos, stuffed animals, soap, washcloths, and toothbrushes.  They’re little “dollar store” items that most of us dismiss and take for granted.  But to a family in need,these shoe boxes become expressions of God’s love. 


Operation “Boxing Day”

In the weeks leading up to Generosity Sunday, pre-wrapped shoeboxes were made available in the Narthex.  We picked one up, took  a trip to the dollar store,  and then filled our box with small items which were big enough to brighten someone’s Christmas….


On Sunday 11/14/21, we  brought our boxes to church and laid them on the alter.  The Youth Group, Our Father’s House Preschool, and others added to the collection of boxes,  and over 100 shoeboxes were delivered to Samaritan’s  Purse for distribution across the globe.

Below is a small sample of the shoebox gifts which we donated to this year’s Operation Christmas Child…


To  learn more about what’s inside of these boxes and about what Operation Christmas Child is, click this drop down box to read the website article which announced this year’s Operation Christmas Child.

Announcement Post

You can make a difference in someone’s life simply by going to a dollar store and filling a shoebox with stationary, toys, and other inexpensive items.  You don’t even have to find a shoebox!  Premarked boxes are available in the Narthex (or you can supply your own). 

One of our “Christmas Traditions” is to participate in Samaritan’s Purse’s “Operation Christmas  Child.”  This is an easy way to show generosity with people who need our help. 


Operation Christmas Child

WHO:  Anyone!

WHAT:  Make a child’s Christmas brighter

WHEN: Return filled boxes to the church by Sunday 11/14/21

$$$:      A few bucks at a dollar store and $9.00 for postage

HOW:   Fill a shoebox with goodies.  Read on for details…


If you pack your own box and leave it at the church for distribution, please include a check for $9.00 made out to “Samaritan’s Purse


Share the True Meaning of Christmas!

A shoebox filled with inexpensive gifts represents a priceless opportunity to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ. As church partners hand out shoebox gifts to children in need,  they share the love and concern of people who have taken the time to give Christmas gifts to children they don’t know.  And, Samaritan’s Purse will add to your gift by including booklets that tell the story of Jesus Christ in the local language.  Your gift will not only brighten a child’s Christmas, it will also invite them into a relationship with God.
Operation Christmas Child delivers shoebox gifts all over the world by whatever means necessary; plane and ship to cart,bicycle, and raft. You can even track your shoebox on line, so you’ll know exactly where it’s going, and when it arrives (if you get your box from the church Narthex, scan the QR  code that’s affixed to it).     
As you pack your shoebox, please remember to pray for the child who will open it. Ask the Lord to use your gifts to reveal His great love and saving grace to a child in need. Pray that God will open doors to some of the world’s darkest corners.
Leave your filled shoebox at the church, and we will transport them to the local Operation Christmas Child collection center.  Sameritan’s purse will then distribute the boxes to needy children across the world.

Who is Samaritan’s Purse and How Do I Pack a Box?

The following links to the Samaratian’s Purse website will tell you more about Operation Christmas Child and about Samaratian’s Purse.

Here’s what those shoeboxes do…

The cheerful packages symbolized our congregation’s generosity and commitment to spreading the word of God’s love. Each box contained many little gifts, a treasure chest for the needy child who would receive it. Major categories include personal hygiene items, school supplies, clothing, toys, and hard candy.

Some of these gifts play important practical roles in a child’s life. For example, a simple gift of a pair of socks in countries that require children to wear them in order to attend school. A girl living in an orphanage was so happy when her gift of a toothbrush meant she no longer had to share a brush with 29 other girls. The gift of a bar of soap could even save a child’s life in countries where dreadful, communicable diseases are prevalent. Paper is so scarce that children in many countries are required to erase previous day’s lessons many times to conserve paper. Many children must provide their own supplies.

In countries where the percentage of children under five years old who are seriously underweight reaches over 40 percent, hard candy is more than a luxury treat.

Since 1993, the “shoebox ministry” of Operation Christmas Child has distributed well over 100 million shoeboxes to poor children in approximately 130 countries.


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For more information on how PUMC is helping people across the globe, click this button:    Missions  




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