World Communion Sunday Bridges Communities (10/3/21)

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In the United Methodist Church, we don’t celebrate the Lord’s Supper (Eucharist) every Sunday as is done in other traditions.  Instead, we generally celebrate it on the first Sunday of each month  or on other special events.  For many years, the first Sunday in October has been designated as “World Communion Sunday” where people of all faiths from across the globe celebrate the Lord’s Supper together (separated only by time zones).


WORLD  COMMUNION  SUNDAY , October 3  2021…

On Sunday, October 3rd we will join thousands of Christian congregations receiving the Sacrament of Holy Communion on World Communion Sunday. Like us, most of them must still be facing uncertainties due to the continuing effects of the pandemic.  We pray that like us, they are finding a way to join their brothers and sisters in Christ as we remember the Last Supper, and Christ’s ultimate sacrifice for us. As we  reflect on His mercy and grace, let us also vow to extend our mercy and grace to others regardless of their racial or ethnic background. We are all God’s children and deserve to be treated with dignity, kindness and respect. Holy Communion should be a time of healing, and a sacred time to think of others rather than ourselves. Our focus is on how to get over our differences and find common power to live in Christ .

World Communion Sunday bridges denominations and spotlights our commonality as brothers and sisters in Christ.
As this pandemic drags on,  with our acts of care and compassion, hope abounds. As United Methodists we are part of an extraordinary legacy of undauntable believers, people of action, people of compassion, people of mercy. Together we can care for others in this time of great need. We can serve by opening our doors to the underserved.

PUMC has been doing God’s work; actively reaching out to meet the needs of our neighbors in our community; and by joining other United Methodists in Shared Ministries we are sending the Good News of Jesus Christ throughout the world as we provide food, clothing, potable water, shelter, and healthcare to the least of these; and rebuilding lives and offering hope to those devastated by natural or man-made disasters. The United Methodist Church has also been working in many countries with Christian love and support to address needs during this dreadful pandemic.   The United Methodist Committee on Relief (UMCOR) has spearheaded many projects across the globe to relive suffering.  UMCOR has been working with health boards, medical professionals disaster management coordinators and faith leaders to prevent the spread of this virus and to address health concerns, food insecurity, hygiene limitations and other pressing needs.

As we receive Holy Communion on this World Communion Sunday  let us pray for all of His servants who are sharing His love, forgiveness mercy, and peace throughout the world; and remembering Christ’s sacrifice for us; vow to sacrifice our time, talent, and tithes to serve others.


World Communion Sunday

WHEN: Sunday 10/3/21, during our 10:15 AM Service

WHERE: Either in the sanctuary or via Live Stream

WHO:  For anyone!  Communion in the United Methodist Church is open to anyone who sincerely wants to draw closer to God.


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