Pastor’s Ponderings: Celebrating Teachers

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On Sunday 9/12/21, we celebrated the ministries of teachers by holding a dedication service for all of those who are teachers in the ministries of our church.  Invited to participate were teachers from our Preschool (Our Father’s House),  Sunday School teachers, Small Group Leaders, and Youth Leaders. 


In the days leading up to that special dedication and to the re-opening of schools during the fall, Pastor Jim submitted the following thoughts…


Greetings Friends:

Luke 2:52    “Jesus grew in wisdom and in stature and in favor with God and all the people” (NLT).

Proverbs 22:6   “Teach children how they should live, and they will remember it all their life” (GNT).

As of this writing school is back in session in most places.  School bells are ringing once again as teachers and students are forming relationships which will allow for learning and growth on many levels.
I have always believed that being an “educator” is more than a profession. Being an educator, a teacher, is making an investment in the lives of children/students and helping to shape the future of our country and world. It indeed is a special calling which God places on the lives of women and men whom God has gifted for that important role.

It is always appropriate to give thanks to God for our teachers, on whatever level of education they teach. It is appropriate to say thanks to God for school teachers, preschool teachers, administrators, principals, those who work with child-study teams, special needs teachers, teachers aides, all who are involved in the education process. Each person in their own way is not only preparing tomorrow’s leaders, but helping prepare the future making it hopeful. I would also include Sunday School teachers, and youth or children ministry workers who make such a difference by planting the seeds of Scripture in our hearts.
I am grateful to God for the countless numbers of teachers/educators who have taught me on my journey.

  • I still remember my Kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Leggar! Her encouragement (especially of my awful finger painting creations) and her gentle affirming tones when I or other students were experiencing “separation anxiety” were so reassuring. 
  • My third grade teacher Mrs. Dennler used to bake the greatest cookies in the world! She is one who really helped me begin to develop the love for reading which I still have to this day.
  • My fourth grade teacher, Mrs. Deveny had incredible patience and was so affirming that she helped me as a student want to go the extra mile with school work and not just do the minimum amount of work.
  • In sixth grade it was my English/Reading teacher Miss Pearson (who later became a principal) who helped me gain  confidence in myself.  She gently reminded me to “pursue your dreams and don’t let criticism or unfair comments wear you down.” She said to me on one occasion, “If God is calling you to be a preacher, then go for it and be the best preacher you can be”! 
  • Mr. Berry was so helpful in reminding us students that it is OK to question all of the answers. He taught us to continue to dig for answers and ultimately truth.
  • Mr. Mulford reaffirmed my love for music and was so encouraging. I remember teachers in high school, college, seminary, Graduate School where teachers invested countless hours to help me and others achieve academically.

I could go on, but time and space will not permit that. The guidance and tutelage of each and every one has made a tremendous difference in my life. And I am so grateful to God for every one! 
How about you?  Who are those special teachers/educators in your life that helped guide you, who positively influenced you, who influenced you to dig deeper, work harder, give back to the world, and simply helped you become the woman or man you are today?
To all of the educators and teachers who are part of this mailing I say a heartfelt, “Thank You.” 
Perhaps all of us can reflect on the names and faces of the women and men who are now teaching our children and grandchildren and offer thanks to God. A gift we can provide all current educators is to be sure that we pray for them everyday and support them as they educate our children, so they may grow in wisdom and stature. 

Pastor Jim  

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