ShopRite Gift Cards Help Break the Cycle of Poverty!

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Do you need to shop for groceries?  Yeah, that’s a silly question; everyone needs groceries.  But what if you can’t afford to buy adequate amounts of food to feed your family?  What if your children can’t get an education which will help lift them out of poverty?

The United Methodist Women’s group at PUMC is taking a small step to bridge those needs together. 

The ShopRite market helps us support missions by selling us gift cards at a discounted rate.  If you purchase a ShopRite gift card through the church, part of the proceeds will go directly to the missions supported by our United Methodist Women’s group.


How a Gift Card can Help Others

One of the missions that is supported by the purchase of these gift cards is the Neighborhood Center in Camden NJ.  The mission of the Neighborhood center is to “break the cycle of poverty by offering Academic, Athletic, and Arts programs for children and teenagers.”   We have supported the Neighborhood Center for many years, and together we have provided ways for intercity youth to experience new surroundings and to thrive through the loving care of the Center’s volunteers.

To see more of what the Neighborhood Center is currently doing, visit their Website, or check out their Facebook feed:



How You Can Help

Purchase a ShopRite Gift card through the church!  Contact the church office for details.  Or, if you’re at the church on Sunday, ask about the cards at the Welcome Desk.  You pay the face value, but part of the purchase goes directly to our United Methodist Women’s missions (which helps people through missions such as the Neighborhood Center).

Then, go shopping at your favorite ShopRite (…or give your card to someone).  And as you bring your groceries home, know that you are helping the youth of Camden and people from all over the world.



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To learn more about our United Methodist Women’s Group, click this button:   United Methodist Women  

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