United Methodists Strive for Peace with Justice (5/30/21)

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The United Methodist Church designates the first Sunday after Pentecost as “Peace Withe Justice Sunday.  As Christians, we are called to be peacemakers throughout the year.  We are to constantly strive for Justice whenever we see people treated unjustly and suffering under life’s burdens.  But on this Sunday after we celebrate the empowering from the Holy Spirit, we turn our thoughts to how we can use that power to help others.



Pentecost celebrates the outpouring of the Holy Spirit calling for God’s shalom. Peace with Justice is a faithful expression of shalom. It calls the church to strengthen its capacity to advocate publicly in communities and nations throughout the world, and empower ministries in annual conferences locally and globally.
One of the United Methodist Church’s Special Sundays, Peace with Justice Sunday was created to establish and empower ministries that challenge structures of inequality and strengthen God’s family through systemic change.

Here are but a few examples of where God is working through His people to provide Justice…  (“UMC” stands for “United Methodist Church”)…

Build Community:  We often see a connection between art and Peace With Justice. Children at a United Methodist Church in Maryland were able to not just build bridges, but be bridges of hope and change in their community. At the same time they are carving out safe space for children who live in extremely high risk communities, to have positive, safe, community building activities and receive nutritious meals throughout the summer which is the peak time for juvenile related offenses.

Help the Disabled:  A grant to a Bainbridge Island, Washington UMC helped them to better engage their members with intellectual disabilities  who can’t verbally communicate and were part of the Island Time Activities program.   Everyone’s fully integrated presence in their public workspaces benefits them all.

Unleash Creative Talents:  The Summer Arts Camp of the UMC in Temple Hills, Maryland received a grant and in partnership with Leaders of Tomorrow Youth Center, funds supported an experience designed to help children unleash their creative abilities through a variety of artistic expressions including drama, music, dance, visual arts, and photography.

Discover Music:  In Indiana, a grant through the annual conference supports Matthew’s Voices, a choir that offers access to, and addresses the need for, the arts in populations that often go untouched, unloved, and underserved.One mother was overwhelmed when she heard her child sing for the first time in years in the UMC choir.

Empower through Education:  Global Peace with Justice grants supported an East Congo roundtable to discuss equitable educational justice; especially how to address the illiteracy that makes the Pygmies vulnerable to deception and exploitation.

Enhance Health:  “Letting Girls be Girls ” health education programming and services for young girls in Sierra Leone; and an Economic Empowerment program for Gypsy women in India.

Interested in supporting UMC Peace with Justice ministries and planting seeds of hope?  Checks may be made payable to PUMC with Peace with Justice in the memo line. Your gift will make a world of difference.




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