Holy Moments During a Winter’s Day (2/21/21)

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February 2021.  As this is being written, it’s snowing outside.  We’re at the beginning of the Lenten season… and in the middle of the Covid-19 Pandemic.  We turn our hearts toward God.  We want to sense the simple quietness of the Spirit that surrounds us, but we also feel the noise of the pandemic.  To stay safe and to avoid speeding this terrible disease, we are staying home.  Our Sunday morning pews are now in front of a computer.  We “watch” our worship services from home instead of worshiping with our Church in our church.  Many of us haven’t set foot in our church building in almost a year.  We all miss the surroundings of friends and family… and of the holy place that we call our sanctuary. 

The sign that would greet us as we would enter that special space beckons us to “be still and know God.”   We want to be still.  We want to see God.  In the quiet of a late February snowfall and in the anxiety of a pandemic, we want to be know God….


A Winter’s Day at PUMC

During  our worship service on the first Sunday in Lent, a video was presented as the “Ministry of Music” slot.  As with so many things in life these days- including Sunday worship services- the music was presented “virtually.”  A real moment of worship, but we had to experience it remotely.

We wouldn’t normally describe a parking lot with words such as “still,” “quiet,” or “beautiful.”  And, by itself a room isn’t holy.  But God turns the ordinary into “still” and “holy” when He touches us with His presence.  The sounds of  a quiet morning snowfall, the white freshness of the pavement, and the red holly berries poking through the snow remind us that we can’t escape the creative presence of God.   We may not be able to enter the sanctuary ourselves, but even a video that takes us through the doors and into that room reminds us of God’s holiness.  And the music inspires us to “cast our golden crowns (and worries) around the glassy sea” and just melt before our Holy God. (Holy, Holy, Holy)

During this season, Pastor Jim has been encouraging us to record the moments where we see God.  To remember our blessings and to journal answered prayer. 

This “Ministry of Music” video (created by pianist Sue Crispin, Tuba player Bob Bazzel, and photographer Wendy Bazzel) is such a recording.  It brings us to our church building, and then it takes us from the snow covered parking lot and into the sanctuary.  Before the pandemic, this was a hurried walk that we took for granted.  But with our hopes and hearts pointed heavenward, this short walk can help us to “be still and know God.”

Watch this video and listen for the quiet but holy voice of God….




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