2021 Lenten Devotional Booklet

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Members from three local churches have come together to produce a Daily Devotional for this year’s Lenten season. The booklets were published in hardcopy form and distributed within the participating churches, but electronic copies of the devotions are presented here.

If you want a printed copy, visit or contact one of the participating churches:


People from the following churches also contributed articles:
(“UMC” stands for United Methodist Church):


Daily Devotions for Lent 2021

The devotional is presented in PDF format. Instead of presenting the entire booklet in one file (and forcing you to scroll through the whole thing to find the current date’s article), the booklet is broken up into separate week-by-week files.

To read the article for any given date, scroll down to the desired month, and click on the button for the desired week.  Except for week 1 (which begins with Ash Wednesday) and week 7 (which ends on Easter Sunday), all the files begin with Sunday and run through Saturday of the indicated week.

Enjoy; and may God bless your devotional time!


February 2021

The Lenten season (and first devotional) starts out with Ash Wednesday (February 17). Week 1 is this short “week” from Wednesday through Saturday…
Week 1 Ash Wed. through Saturday 2/20

Week 2 Sunday 2/21 through Saturday 2/27


March 2021 (Weeks 3-6)

Week 3 Sunday 2/28 through Saturday 3/6

Week 4 Sunday 3/7 through Saturday 3/13

Week 5 Sunday 3/14 through Saturday 3/20

Week 6 Sunday 3/21 through Saturday 3/27


April 2021

The season continues until we reach Easter Sunday, on April 4. Below are devotionals for week 7 (Palm Sunday through Saturday 4/3) and for Easter Sunday…

Week 7              Holy Week (Sunday 3/28 through Saturday 4/3)

Easter Sunday   Sunday, April 4



Are you in the habit of reading your Bible? Daily opening yourself up to God’s word could make this Lenten season a life changer. For info on our “Chapter-a-Day” Bible Reading Plans, click this button:

2021 Bible Reading Plans


Where’d These Booklets Come From?

Open the following “drop down” box for some history on the origin of these devotional booklets. 

God's Project

God’s Project

If God wants it to happen, it will happen.  That applies to everything; even to the creation of a booklet of Lenten Devotions.  The collection of devotions on this website post stems from a ministry which began back in 1988.  Separately, members from two United Methodist churches (Evangelical UMC and Zion UMC) had the vision for compiling a booklet of daily devotions which would inspire its readers to prepare for Easter during the season of Lent.

Separately, these two churches developed their own devotional ministry, and distribution of the devotions was directed to the members of the respective churches.

In 2005, the two churches combined their efforts and envisioned a booklet which could be shared with multiple congregations.  The following conversations launched the devotional ministry which is now blessing you…

Wednesday, December 22, 2004…

 “I know we talked about doing a Lenten booklet together this year, but I just checked the date for Lent to begin…did you realize Lent STARTS on February 9? Easter is early this year. There’s no way we can get 46 people to write devotionals in the next 3 weeks. I mean, it’s Christmas week…” I told Beth over dinner at the Hollywood Diner.

     “I think we can do it. I will give out my notices on Christmas Eve. Let’s go for it,” insisted Beth.

     “You really think so?” I asked. “We have to have the books PRINTED and in the churches by January 30. I don’t know…”

     “Well, let’s try,” pushed Beth.

     “OK, I guess if we don’t get enough we could always save them for next year and start much earlier trying to collect them,” I added.

 We both agreed that if God wanted this project, He would let it happen. We would do our parts and then see what He would do. He already knew who would write, what they would write, and whether enough people would write.


Sunday, January 9—Deadline Day

     “I got 3 today,” I told Beth. “That’s 7 total from me. And that includes my mother and daughter.”

     “I got 6,” said Beth. “That’s 14 total for me.”

     So we had 21 as of Deadline Day. But we needed 26 more. And the “real” deadline was in just five days or we would not make it by January 30.

     When I got the jitters for a few minutes on that deadline Sunday, I reminded myself, “If God wants this project, He will let it happen. No more worrying!”

And it’s a good thing we didn’t spend time worrying. After that day, we were too busy getting e-mails and envelopes! By Friday we had 47, the exact number we needed.

That was how it began back in 2005, and that is still pretty much how it works today.  This has always been God’s project, and if He wants it to happen, it will. God always gives us what we need.

We are so blessed by the writers, the editors, and the readers who help distribute the books every year. So thank you, again, for all of your support in this ministry!

=     =     =     =     =

It has now been over 16 years since that initial leap of faith, and God continues to bless this ministry.  The first collaboration of two churches has blossomed into a project involving writers from over 14 churches.  In what was once created on a typewriter and used by a single congregation, the Devotions for Lent has grown into a professional quality booklet distributed to churches in several different states.   Last year, about 1700 copies of the booklet were printed.  Copies were given to churches, Senior Communities, friends, and some were even left in shopping carts.  In 2015, we began publishing the booklet on our website, and now the devotions have a digital presence.  People from around the world are now reading these inspiring articles… all from a project which began on typewriter back in 1988.


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