2020 Cantata to Looks to Jesus (12/20/20)

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When the year 2020 opened, many assumed that there would be plenty of ploys on “20/20 Vision.” Little did we know that COVID-19 would take over everything, and the “20/20” jokes vanished from sight…

During this pandemic, we’ve learned to continue our traditions and ministries despite the “social distancing” restrictions.  We’ve learned new ways of doing things, and we’ve even developed new ministries which will continue after this pandemic is behind us.

But all along, we’ve learned that God is with us.  It’s not so much about what you have or what you can accomplish.  It’s about what you do with what you have.  Faith and love overcome the circumstances.  Even with “social distancing” and “virtual worshiping”, we’ve see over and over again that God is close to us and real in our lives.  We reshape our celebrations, not so much to keep traditions, but to continue seeking out our God.  Despite the changing circumstances, we keep pressing on to grow closer to our Savior; to serve and to worship Him.


Annual Candlelight Christmas Cantata

The annual cantata starts at 4:15 PM.  Always.  It has every year.  Maybe the time was originally selected for a practical purpose (twilight?), but now we hold the cantata at 4:15 “because we’ve always done it that way.”

We’re having a cantata this year.  Yeah, “we’ve always done it that way,” but the purpose is the same as it always is: to worship God and to wonder in the amazing grace of the coming of His Son Jesus.  God somehow became a human… it boggles our minds and we need to pause every year (every minute!) and just marvel at what He has done.

The circumstances and presentation will be different this year, but the purpose is the same. 

This year’s cantata will be a mixture of live music (Praise Team, Soloists, Bell choir) and videos from past years.  A restricted In-Person congregation  will be invited, and it will be presented on our Live Stream.  The cantata is entitled “A Concert of Carols,”  and it will use a string of familiar songs to help us worship in these unfamiliar times.  The word “Concert” doesn’t simply designate a bunch of songs. Instead, the word “concert” invites us to join together in worship.


A Concert of Carols

WHEN:  Sunday 12/20/20

TIME:    4:15 PM

HOW?:      A mixture of live music and videos from past years

WHERE:   Live Stream and limited in-person

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