Missionaries Forge Ahead Despite Pandemic (Dec. 2020)

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Our Missions Team chair provided the following updates on the global missionaries that we support.  Even in the midst of this global pandemic, our missionaries continue to provide hope to people all over the world.

The Son of God was born, and in that moment love, joy, peace, and hope came into the world. Let us celebrate the birth of our Savior at Christmas and always.
Christmas is one of the most holy and anticipated times of the year for Christians all over the world. Because of the pandemic, Christmas 2020 will probably be very different; but Christians everywhere will find a way to quietly mark this important event in the life of our faith. Perhaps without all of the typical “hustle and bustle”, and shorter to-do lists, we can spend more time contemplating God’s amazing grace, the Christ child born in a manger so long ago.
Advent is more than a time to prepare for what is to come; it is knowing that no matter what the future holds, Christ is already there.  That is Immanuel, God with us. Missionaries are empowered by that knowledge. Their faith moves them forward in strength, and to  live hour by hour, day by day, and step by step in hope and love even during this pandemic. They continue to follow the footsteps of Christ, to share the Good News of His joy and peace with the least and the lost.
In this blessed season remember our missionaries who are so far from home. Pray for them, that God will keep them safe, and grant them His guidance and peace.

JOY PHILLIPS (Europe, Asia, and Oceania)

As Compassionate Ministries Coordinator for World  Gospel Missions, Joy usually travels thousands of miles to mentor and support missionary families in nine dangerous, politically complex countries. This year Joy has been unable to travel because of the pandemic. Although she is isolated at her home in Woodstown, Joy is thankful for the technology that enables her to remain connected with those missionaries in one-on-one and group meetings; and to meet  with WGM team leaders and other Regional Directors, usually via Zoom. Although Joy misses being there in person, in times such as these, she is grateful for Zoom.

JENNIFER ANDRADE (LaPalmilla, Vera Cruz, Mexico)  

God continues to be faithful to the Sponsored Children’s Project, which was started in 2012.Amidst all of the limitations of living during the pandemic of COVID-19 this year, sponsors continued to give to help 450 children and youth to continue their education. The majority of sponsors are from NJ, there are also sponsors in nine other states, and two foreign countries. God knows no geographical boundaries when it comes to fulfilling His purpose in ministry. 
Jen was able to safely travel to LaPalmilla this summer to oversee the project.  Although her American assistants could not be there to help, a generous donor funded the salary of two college church youth to assist her.  The children and their families were surprised and excited to receive help this year; since they assumed that because of the pandemic sponsors would be unable to support them. Everyone was so appreciative of the school supplies, workbooks, backpacks, shoes, uniforms and masks since they are  in worse financial duress due to COVID-19 shut downs.


COVID-19 and other influenza infections have re-surged in Poland. John and Dasia spent their 25th wedding anniversary  isolated in their

home, ill with COVID-19. Please pray for their complete recovery so that they can soon return to their ministry and to their church congregations (which have been growing).

People are putting their faith in Jesus Christ and are anxious to attend church and study the Bible. John and Dasia are exploring new ways to meet challenges and are creating new online Bible Study groups.


Though no one knows what the future holds, with faith the Enright/Steurys are planning for the Kafakumba Pastors School in April 2021. Floors in the Center have been tiled; and other preparations for the school opening are progressing.
Acadia Estates, a 5 star lakeside retirement home in Zambia has been completed, and is ready to accept residents.
The construction on the Kafakumba Medical Clinic continues. A container of medical supplies is being shipped. Pray that the Clinic will be ready to open early in 2021. 
The Kafakumba Christian School is back in session after the pandemic break. The children are anxious to resume their education and learn the Way to follow Jesus.
Kingdom Building Farms, a goat project, enables pastors to visit farmers and build relationships with them, seeking to bring transformation.  Bee Sweet honey sales  help their cash flow to fund other projects in Zambia.


As the Bishop’s representative in Tanzania, Rev. Mutwale visits churches to ensure they are growing. While there he distributes food and masks to protect them from COVID-19. They also dedicated a UMC for Maasai people.  In Dar es Salaam a new UMC MIssion Center, which will be the hub of evangelism projects has been completed. The UMW preschool for orphans is also housed in the Center and a new church holds it’s services there.  The UMC Guest House and Reception Center is also nearing completion.
The UMW in Tanzania is very actively involved in  human rights, inequality between men and women; education for women and girls; and church development.  Mrs. Kabaka teaches housekeeping, hygiene, cooking, and income possibilities for their families.  The UMW is also making  a difference in Tanzania.
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God’s grace perfects our humble participation in the work of His mission on earth. As we respond to God’s grace, we are empowered to love our neighbors near and far, to live lives full of joy, to share the hope of the gospel, and to embody the peace that surpasses all understanding. God’s people make good things happen!
May you have the gift of faith, the blessings of hope and joy; and the peace of His love, at Christmas and always,
Your Missions Committee wishes you blessed holidays, and a wonderful 2021.                 
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