PUMC to Collect Turkeys for HollyDELL Families (11/15/20 & 11/22/20)

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One of our Thanksgiving Traditions is to provide Thanksgiving baskets to HollyDELL school.  This year, we have a goal of collecting  turkeys which will packaged into Thanksgiving baskets.  Our goal is to brighten the holiday for AT LEAST 25 of these food insecure families.



HollyDELL school is a local organization that provides a place for physically challenged youth and young adults, and also for their families.  Members of these families include children with cerebral palsy, spina bifida, muscular dystrophy, autism and other developmental delays. 

HollyDELL has four facilities and they serve families in Gloucester, Salem, Cumberland, Camden, Burlington and Atlantic counties.  And, they provide all of their services to these families free of charge.  At HollyDELL, clients are given educational and therapeutic programs which support their dignity and respect while leading them to be as functionally independent as possible.

For more information about HollyDELL, visit their website:     HollyDELL School  


Talkin’ Turkey!

Jesus called us to love one another.  Even as He knelt by the blind, touched the lepers, and wept over Jerusalem, the Spirit of Christ within us beckons us to come along side of those in need.  We are surrounded by those who need our help and love, and among those are the HollyDELL families who gather at the HollyDELL facility in Glassboro (behind the Friendlys and CVS on Charles III drive).

You Can Help!

If you can donate a turkey (or two), here are the details on how you can help:

  • WHERE:  Leave your turkey in the pantry shopping card (which will be located outside the church, near the Narthex door.
  • DAYS:      On Sunday Nov. 15 OR on Sunday Nov. 22
  • TIMES:    From 9:30 to 11:30 AM 

For further information, contact either Grace Kier or Marshall Genter. 


Getting Stuffed!

In addition to turkey, a proper Thanksgiving meal needs “the trimmin’s” too!  Non-perishable items such as stuffing, canned vegetables, etc will be added to the turkeys to create a complete “Thanksgiving Dinner to Go.” 

Boy Scout Troop 55 will canvass the neighborhood to conduct a food drive.  They will hang specially marked bags on doors and then pick them up a week later.  The bags will be distributed on Saturday 11/16 and then picked up at your home on Saturday 11/23.  They will deliver the collected items to the Pitman Food Pantry.  The items they collect will be used both at the pantry and for the HollyDELL baskets.  Because of your generosity, at least 25 food insecure families will be able to enjoy a Thanksgiving dinner and get a taste of God’s love.

Thanksgiving is on Thursday 11/26.

Be on the lookout for the Scout’s food drive bags on Saturday 11/16.  Please give generously and help provide Thanksgiving meals for the needy in our neighborhood and for our special friends at HollyDELL.


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For more about our ministry with local missions, visit this page:  Local & Regional Missions    


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