Creative Connection Videos Bring Us Together! (7/7/20)

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During this pandemic and time of social distancing, PUMC has organized a way for us to share devotional videos using our Facebook Group.  Videos are posted periodically.

If any of these recordings are buried in your Facebook timeline and you can’t find them, or if you don’t “Do Facebook” and never saw them in the first place, you can watch them below!  As new recordings are posted, they will be added to the collection. 

In addition to the videos, we also have a separate telephone based Connection.  Simply dial the below number (at any time), listen to the brief phone message, and hang up:

(856) 226-4159

If you know anyone who doesn’t “do Internet,” give them a call and share the above number with them.


To view the devotional videos, open one of following the “drop down” boxes.

Tip:  Only play one video at a time!


9-11-20: Mary Shipley

8-31-20: Virginia Uyehara

This is the final regularly scheduled video of the summer…

8-24-20: Staci Sheetz

8-21-20: Steve Roth


8-19-20: Mary Shipley

8-17-20: Rob Uyehara

8-14-20: Larry Bakely

8-12-20: Lance Bird

Today for Creative Connections, I’ve shared a song that has been speaking to me during these times. It reflects how God takes care of us and will provide for us, just like he did the Israelites after Egypt. (Exodus 14+15) My prayer is that it will encourage you as it has encouraged me. Have a great day!

8-10-20: Rob Uyehara

8-7-20: Liza Uyehara

Open the words to Fairest Lord Jesus and follow along…. 

8/6/20: Youth Group

Our Youth Group presented the following lighthearted look at Adam and Eve…

8/5/20: Staci Scheetz

8-3-20: Staci Scheetz

7-31-20: Kate Bird

7-27-20: Staci Scheetz

7-24-20: Jennifer Andrade

7-22-20: Michael Liguori

7-20-20: Virginia Uyehara

7-17-20: Nadia Liguori

7-15-20: Mary Shipley

7-13-20: Ellen Taylor

7-10-20: Steve Roth

From 2 Kings 9:12-13

7-8-20: Rob Uyehara


I Want to Help!

If you’d like to submit your own video or to record a phone message, we’d love to hear from you!  Go to the “Creative Connections” page for instructions on how to go about creating your own message:

Creative Connections



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