New Jersey Methodists to Rise Against Hunger! (3/21/20- POSTPONED!)

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In order to limit the spread of the impending coronavirus, the Greater NJ Annual Conference has announced that the Rise Against Hunger packing day is Postponed.  It will not be held on March 21 as originally scheduled. 

As further details become available, we will post them here. 





Back in the 1970s, Philadelphia Phillies second baseman Dave Cash made a bold claim:  “Yes We Can!”  The Phillies were perennial losers in Major League Baseball.  In many seasons they finished in last place.  In most seasons they finished with far more losses than wins.  But Dave Cash proclaimed, “Yes WE Can!”  As crazy as it seemed, even the Phillies could get into the playoffs and win the World Series!

And, they won their division for three straight years.  Eventually, the Philadelphia Phillies actually won the world Series (in 1980).

Yes We Can!

Over 800 million people across the globe are hungry.  Not just hungry, as in it’s time to raid the ‘fridge for a snack.  But HUNGRY, as in being totally unable to scrounge up enough food to survive.  It’s not for a lack of food.  People can be fed.  But world-wide hunger is so prevalent because those who have the food aren’t sharing with those who don’t.  Instead, in most cases, the people who have the food are unable to consume what they have.  Food is not only unshared, it’s being wasted.

Yes We Can!

It’s a world-wide problem that’s bigger than one individual.  What can I do to stop World Hunger?


NJ Rises Against Hunger!

On Saturday March 21, United Methodists across the state of New Jersey are “springing” into action.  In “Rise Against Hunger” events held in multiple locations across NJ, United Methodists from the Greater NJ Annual Conference will volunteer to pack meals.    These meals will be delivered to needy people across the globe.  Our state-wide goal is to have at least 3,000 people pack a total of 500,000 on March 21.

This video from the Greater NJ Annual Conference describes how we plan to Rise Against Hunger…

Yes We Can!

Rise Against Hunger events will be hosted by several NJ United Methodist churches on March 21 in locations such as Mullica Hill, Hamilton, Englewood, Sparta, New Dover, and Egg Harbor Township.  Click this button for more about the Greater NJ Conference’s “Rise Against Hunger” day:



PUMC Rises Against Hunger!

In our Delaware Bay District, the Rise Against Hunger will be hosted by the Trintity UMC in Mullica Hill. PUMC’ers are invited to participate by going to the Trintity UMC on Saturday March 21.   

To make things a bit easier (and to enjoy some fellowship  and unity), PUMC is taking the van to Rise Against Hunger.  You can go with other PUMC’ers by meeting in the parking lot at 11:30 Am.  We will participate in the 12:00-2:00 “shift”  and return at 2:30 or so.  If you’re unable to join with the church, consider helping out on one of the other “shifts.”  Or, if you can’t stay for an entire “shift,” drop by Trinity for any amount of time and help out in any way you can. 


 Rise Against Hunger  

Location:   Trintity UMC, Mullica Hill

Date:          Saturday March 21, 2020

Start Time:        9:00 AM

End Time:          5:00 PM

If you are planning to help out at the packing event, you may register on the GNJAC web site by clicking the below button.  Scroll down to the “Southern Region” (or whichever applies), and select the time(s) when you plan to attend.  Currently, three “shifts” are listed for our local event at Trinity UMC:

  • 9:00 – 11:00 AM
  • 12:00 – 2:00 PM
  • 3:00 – 5:00 PM

NOTE:  You do NOT have to register!  But “Registration” will help with the organization of the event.  If you don’t register and later realize that you can make it, Just Show Up!!!



Rise Against Hunger

Our event is part of a volunteer-based effort by Rise Against Hunger, an organization located in North Carolina.  Rise Against Hunger uses local events such as ours to assemble the meal boxes which they distribute to needy people around the world.  They were founded in 1998 by Ray Buchanan (a United Methodist minister) with the vision of ending world hunger in our lifetime.

The Greater NJ United Methodists have had a long history with these Meal Packing Events.  For the past several Annual Conferences, delegates have volunteered one of the afternoons of the conference to pack meals.


For more about the history and mission of Rise Against Hunger, click this button:     


What Are We Packing?

The goal of the Greater NJ “Rise Against Hunger” day is to pack a total of 500,000 of these meal boxes in one day.  The ingredients are provided; our volunteer efforts will turn the empty boxes into ready to deliver meals.  These meals will be sent to where the need is greatest across the globe. 

According to the Rise Against Hunger website, the meal boxes consist of items which can be easily stored and shipped, and they are designed to provide the maximum nutrition.      The meals have a shelf life of two years.  They combine  rice, soy, dehydrated vegetables and a flavoring mix to provide 20 essential vitamins and minerals which are packaged into small meal boxes.

Click this button to learn more about the meals: 


Who is it Helping?

The Rise Against Hunger website cites the stories of people in places such as Nicaragua, Zambia, and the Phillipines. 

Click this button to read some of their stories:     
Nourished Lives 


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If you live in the Pitman NJ area and need help in securing food, the Pitman Food Pantry is available for you.

Click this button for more information:              Pantry  

For assistance in other areas, view this page:    Help  


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